Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New England Adventures

*looks around stealthily*

Have the trolls gone away?

Anywho, hi.  We've been busy.  This summer we went to New Hampshire and Vermont for little getaways.

We were in New Hampshire toward the end of August.  My aunt has a rental home up there and that weekend's renters had canceled, so she let us have it for free.  We had just sold our motorcycles and gotten a 2006 VW Beetle convertible and were dying to take a trip up the scenic highway.

On Saturday we drove up the Kancamagus Highway and took lots of pictures of the White Mountains.

Yay for tripods and timers!  ;)  Then on Sunday we drove up Mount Washington.  In a VW Bug.  With the top down.  It was... exhilarating.  Luckily Simon was driving.  No way could I have handled that.  Then we drove down in a thunder storm.  Craziness.

That says 6,288 ft.  ;)  Awesome weekend.  I love New Hampshire.

Then, mid-September, we visited Vermont using a BedandBreakfast.com gift card we'd gotten as a wedding gift.  We stayed at West Hill House B&B in Warren.  We basically ate our way through Vermont: Ben & Jerry's Factory, Cabot Cheese Factory, King Arthur Flour Factory, and an apple orchard.  Plus Vermont Teddy Bear Company Factory for a little dose of cuteness.

The B&B was amazing and we took tons of pictures around their gardens.

We stayed there four days and three nights and packed as much into it as we possibly could.  We had an AMAZING time!

So that was our New England adventure.  Stay tuned for our one-year wedding anniversary on Sunday!  :)