Thursday, November 4, 2010

I will never EVER forget our amazing honeymoon.

Wow.  Cancun.  I tweeted much more than I thought I would, mainly cuz we had free wifi, but I also just HAD to share some of those amazing pics.

Some of the highlights…

The view from our room:

Baby sea turtles that they save, let mature, then release into the ocean at night when the birds won’t eat them:

The beach:

Swimming with dolphins (most amazing experience EVER!):

Just being alone with my beloved:

Romantic dinners (and epic sunburn):

Boating and snorkeling:

Pro photo session:

There were massages, nonstop food and booze, a Jacuzzi in our bedroom, anything and everything you could want.  We had to DRAG ourselves out of there the last day, we SO didn’t want to leave.

Details: Sun Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico.  Couples only. All-inclusive.  AMAZING.  I will never EVER forget our amazing honeymoon.