Thursday, June 24, 2010

Okay so pending my bridal shop visit Saturday...

It's getting down to the wire. 107 days. 3 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day. 3.5 months. However you word it, time is running out. I'm getting married soon...AND I STILL DON'T HAVE A GOWN!!!

Deep breaths. I'm slightly panicked. After last Wednesday's trip to David's Bridal, I was no closer to choosing a gown. I tried on these three gowns. The first one was a gorgeous lace, but the train was huge and the neckline wasn't sweetheart, which just doesn't work for me. The second had the neckline I love but was about 2 inches too short. The third was one I let the sales lady pick out, which tons of people loved on me, but I wasn't really into it.

I put together this album of my “final” choices, which of course ended up changing. After a conversation with my aunt (acting mother of the bride), she told me my cousin-in-law Amanda tried on a ruffled dress and it just made her look shorter (she's petite like me) so as cool as that one looks, it probably wouldn't work. Then she reminded me that the one from David's Bridal with the red flowers that I originally loved and bought on eBay, is actually available in all white (white flowers on white) by special order. I had kind of forgotten that. Oops. That one DID look awesome on me, even 25 lbs. ago:

The only problem is they ONLY show it in white with red or white with black on the David's Bridal website:

How hard would it be to post pics of the other combos? ARGH. Okay, so in other news, a college friend convinced me to check out a local bridal salon where she got her gown. She's around my size, and says the owner treats every girl like a size 2, which I love. No fat prejudice! I made an appointment for this coming Saturday morning at Precious Memories in Malden, MA. I saw a couple of pretty lace dresses on their site. I'll try a few on and see what happens. I could have a “the dress” moment and be all set. Or I might leave there as disappointed as always. In that case, I will order the DB dress in all white (as long as it's still available and can get here in 3 months) and this dress online:

Once I have both, I will try them on and decide. Even my frugal aunt recommended this course of action, as both are hard to find gowns and should re-sell on eBay easily. Along with the other two I already own. Yup...I have issues.

I have a hair makeover appointment Friday that I'm VERY excited for. Time to let a professional fix the disaster I call hair! I also realized in a half-asleep haze last night that I need to start getting the invitations put together. With the invite, RSVP card, and museum tickets going in each one, there will be quite a bit going on with each envelope. It will not be quick. So I'm thinking I need to pick up the stamps ASAP and get started on this. Eek! Invitations!!!

I really really really hope I pick out a gown soon...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well crap. David's Bridal finally designed a wedding dress I want.

I got an email from David's Bridal last week with their new fall styles. Out of curiosity I checked them out, and of course they finally have a sweetheart neckline A-line lace gown. Exactly what I've been looking for. The only problem? It's tea length. Not flattering on short and chubby me. Especially when bridesmaids are wearing floor length.

I am 4'11”, so there's a possibility it will actually be floor length on me. I'm sure the models are like 5'8” or taller. Unfortunately, it looks even shorter on the non-plus-size model:

I would NOT wear the little jacket it comes with, and would probably have a seamstress make the back lace-up instead of zip-up and use the white satin sash it comes with to tie it up.

I made an appointment to try it on. If it works, I think I can resign myself to wearing a DB dress. At least it's one I can try on and KNOW what I'm buying. If it's too short but otherwise works, I'll buy one of the lace ones I've wanted online. If it doesn't work at ALL, well then I'm back to square one, because I love lace gowns but still don't know how well they work on me.

The biggest thing I'll accomplish by trying it on is finally seeing a lace dress on me. I've wanted to, but hadn't seen the right kind at DB and didn't want to deal with the big bridal salons. Something that was also kind of fun was making the appointment. I asked if they had this one in stock and said I would probably need a 14. She asked my street size, thinking this was my first time with them, and I explained I tried on 18s and 16s last time I was there, and have lost almost 30 lbs. since. Her shocked, “WOW! Congratulations!” made my day, hehe.

So the motorcycle thing I tweeted about above? Yeah, kinda got in a little accident Tuesday night. Had to stop short to avoid hitting someone that didn't see me, and immediately fell over on my left side. I have a skinned and bruised knee and walking kind of hurts, but otherwise I'm fine. I'll still ride again, but it definitely shook me up a bit. It also drove home the importance of not riding for like a MONTH before my wedding so I'm in one piece!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy moly, my wedding stuff is all here!

I had a very fun day last Thursday.  I received ALL of the flowers and décor for my wedding!  The UPS guy was wondering what the hell warranted a NINE box delivery until I explained what it was for.

I couldn’t wait to tear into them.  I dragged them all upstairs to the craft room and proceeded to make the biggest mess ever.  My first stumbling block was the wedding arch.  It came in 4 pieces, with 7 screws, 7 bolts, an allen wrench, and a regular wrench. Oh, and NO instructions.  After much sweating and swearing, I got it put together:

Then I played with flowers!

I made a centerpiece:

Then I made a ceremony vase (there will be one on either side of the arch on small stools):

At that point I was pretty exhausted and called it a day.

There’s been a lot of “holy crap” surrounding my DIY adventure!  A couple days later, I tackled boutonnières.  No instructions, I just winged it.  I think they came out pretty well!

I started by cutting the stem of the silk flower down to a couple of inches, and detaching one sprig of leaves.  I attached the leaves to the flower using floral tape, then wrapped them both in brown satin ribbon, securing it with hot glue.  I finished by attaching a bar pin first with clear fishing line, then hot glue.  It’s a little top heavy and I may need a second pin, so Simon is going to try it on a suit jacket soon so we can see.

So that’s everything so far!  I still need to finish boutonnières, and do all the bouquets and corsages.  And fill vases.  And hang fabric from the wedding arch.  Oh boy…

P.S. – Happy 28th birthday to my bridesmaid Beth!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

YES! Bridesmaids' dresses shipped!

Finally!  I love House of Brides prices, but damn do they take long to ship.  I think I bought them back in March?  Yup, March 26.  So anyways, in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the bridesmaid dress:

I’ve never seen it in person in that color combo (since there are pretty much hundreds of possible combos!) so I am falling over myself in excitement to see the final product.  The girls tried it on in a godawful mint green color.

I can't decide, I think the sparkly edge may be too much with my jewelry. Don't want to overdo it, not a formal wedding. =/

One thing I thought I had decided on was the veil, and of course I’m changing my mind again.  The one I originally liked has small crystals on the edging, and now I think it’s a bit much.  I’ll only be wearing it for the ceremony, so the extra cost is kind of silly, and I really have lots of sparkle in my jewelry already and don’t want to overdo it.  So my next choice is this one:

Nice and simple, just what I like!

Rings!!!  I can’t wait to order rings.  I asked Simon to finalize his choice so we can possibly coordinate mine with his, though that’s unlikely as his is tungsten and mine will be platinum like my engagement ring.  So he picked out this one:

…which will go nicely with his engagement ring:

I really have no idea what I want.  I think I’ll be getting something without diamonds as my engagement ring has FIVE of them already, and I’m trying to cut costs a little.  I’m already wearing far more bling than I ever thought I would, so a simple platinum band will be fine with me.  I sort of like the vine design of this one:

…but a plainer one would be fine too.  We’re going to check some out at the jeweler where we got my engagement ring, Barmakian in Nashua, NH.
They were very helpful and I want to try a few on with my current ring to make sure they go together well.  Last time I tried some with diamonds and they just didn’t rest well together.  Something with a curve in the middle to sort of flow around my center stone would be nice!

Any ring style suggestions for me?

So, it’s been a busy week!  And just 127 days to go!