Thursday, January 28, 2010

I know, AGAIN with the wedding dresses, but...thoughts?

At least I’m not really changing my mind again!  I just think this dress:

…is the closest to what I’ve been looking for; white lace, short train, sweetheart strapless neckline.  Perfect!  And only $189!  I’m in love…again
This time though, I’m waiting.  Why?  Because I finally started losing weight!  I’m down almost 9 lbs. already, and it’s been steady and healthy.  Simon and I are doing it together, and it’s really working.  We’re using, something everyone who wants to be healthy should check out!
If you do join, be sure to say CelestialAxis referred you.  ;)  It’s based on healthy lifestyle changes instead of dieting, and community support instead of being told what you’re doing wrong.  My SparkFriends are always there for me, with encouragement and virtual hugs.  You can also follow @SparkPeople on Twitter.  And the site is completely free!
It finally hit me on New Year’s Eve…I’m getting married THIS year.  Not in a year and a half, not in a year, not in 10 months.  Nine short months, THIS year.  I’d been trying on and off to lose weight for the wedding, then kept falling off the wagon with the excuse of “I have plenty of time.”  Well, now I don’t.  Not only do I want to look good in my wedding pictures, I want to start a healthier life and have energy for our eventual child.  When it finally clicked, suddenly it wasn’t so hard any more.  I’ve been eating right and exercising every day for over three weeks straight now.  It’s not a New Year’s resolution, it’s a LIFE resolution.  My BMI puts me in the obese category.  No more.
I will wear that dress, and I will look BEAUTIFUL.  I’m waiting till July to order it; it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive, leaving 2 months for alterations.  It will fit like a glove.  I will look and feel perfect!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Having my aunt and uncle and Simon's parents over today to meet for the first time!

Well, we did it. We successfully introduced the future in-laws.

Using the excuse of Simon's birthday, we had my aunt and uncle and Simon's parents over for dinner on Saturday. We cleaned all morning, and I cooked and baked all afternoon. I made chicken Parmesan, spaghetti, and salad, with a chocolate Oreo birthday cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert (my first cake from scratch!).

We put the football game on the TV, even though we both hate sports. My aunt and uncle came first (my “parents,” for those of you who don't know), and my aunt set up veggies and crackers. She brought a bouquet for me and a potted tulip for Simon's mom. She's good at this stuff. My uncle watched football.

Simon's parents arrived, laden with way too many presents for Simon (they give well beyond their means, but I love them). The introductions were made, and the men settled in for football, talking about the score and various man-things. The ladies started talking about medical things, which they both work or worked in, then the conversation turned to pets, as they're all animal lovers. It was going great!

Then I served dinner, which also went very well. They devoured the cake, it was sooooooo good. Then Simon opened his presents, most of which were for me too (pot rack, garage door opener, Tupperware, yay!). We then went back to the living room, played with the cats, and talked for another hour or so. They all got along great and had plenty to talk about.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay wedding cake chosen and placed my wedding jewelry order

I am so excited to finally be DOING something with my wedding again. Simon and I visited Dessert Works in Norwood, MA on Sunday. We tasted three kinds of cake: Boston cream pie, dolce de leche, and day and night (chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry). All three were amazing, but we decided on the first two as our favorites (as in, Boston cream pie was his favorite and dolce de leche was mine, so we got both!). Based on approximately 70 guests, the cost will be around $420 including delivery. It was a bit more than I had planned on, but Simon was surprised it wasn’t higher

It will be three tiers, with dulce de leche on the bottom and Boston cream pie on the top two. Vanilla buttercream frosting with a ribbon of milk chocolate at the bottom of each tier. Ivy scrollwork in milk chocolate along the vanilla portion above the chocolate ribbon on each tier. Scattered chocolate leaves in red, orange, and yellow. It sounds PERFECT! They also give you a mini replica of the cake instead of a top tier to save. I think ours will get eaten after the honeymoon, we’re not into the one-year anniversary thing with the cake, too long!

Then I finally got all my bridesmaids’ measurement info for them, so I can order dresses, jewelry, and shoes. First is jewelry, as I’m having an artist on Etsy custom-make all of it. A total deal at $320 for all four of us. See her store here. Here are the pieces I’m ordering:

My jewelry set.

Tiara for my MoH and I. Mine will be doubled.

MoH and bridesmaids’ necklace and bracelet.

MoH and bridesmaids’ earrings.

I didn’t want pearls when I first started planning this wedding, but like all things, I started leaning towards the traditional and decided they would look lovely with our look. I’m going to try 50s-style hair and makeup on myself, so the pearls will really fit in. And of course, there’s plenty of sparkle!

So, two more things checked off the list. Love it!

(Also, happy birthday Simon! I love you sweetie!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet got responses from both furniture rental companies regarding couches for our wedding reception

Back in September, I got a comment on my wedding blog suggesting a “lounge atmosphere” for my wedding reception as we weren’t doing dancing. I wasn’t completely sold at first, but as I thought about it more, I liked it quite a bit. Since it’s just an hors d’oeuvres reception, I figure ten round tables is a little bland and unnecessary. Adding some couches and love seats will make the setting more social and comfy. I’ll still have some tables, but interspersed with the couches and perhaps some coffee tables.

I’m still not sure how the actual set-up will look, and I’m kind of nervous that I can’t give it a trial run. The closest I can do is get the measurements of everything and map it out on paper. First though, I had to check with the venue. They don’t have couches on-site, but they do allow rentals do be brought in, and the coordinator gave me a couple of companies to check with.  

That was months ago, and right during the holidays I got it in my head to email them, and of course they were closed till January 4. So I just heard back from them, and both companies are working on quotes right now. They’re Art of the Event and PBD Events.

I’m glad I’m actually comparing vendors for once. Everything else so far, I’ve chosen the first one we met with, usually with good reason; our venue, photographer, videographer, and lighting designer. I’m pretty sure the cake place we have an appointment with this Sunday will be who we go with. For the furniture rental, I have NO idea what a “good price” is, so I’m looking forward to comparing their proposals. I’m hoping this isn’t astronomical, because my original “budget” is already shot to heck. We have a good amount to work with, so I’m finding it hard to say “no” to anything. Luckily, I am saving in lots of other areas, like the dress, flowers (silk, doing them myself), and no DJ or band.

What do you all think about this? Here is the room:

The tables will be 60” rounds. How many couches and how many tables should I do for approximately 75 guests? There will be passed hors d’oeuvres for the first hour, then two hours of hors d’oeuvres stations, and a one-hour dessert table. I think Simon and I want a small sweetheart table. Decisions!