Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay wedding cake chosen and placed my wedding jewelry order

I am so excited to finally be DOING something with my wedding again. Simon and I visited Dessert Works in Norwood, MA on Sunday. We tasted three kinds of cake: Boston cream pie, dolce de leche, and day and night (chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry). All three were amazing, but we decided on the first two as our favorites (as in, Boston cream pie was his favorite and dolce de leche was mine, so we got both!). Based on approximately 70 guests, the cost will be around $420 including delivery. It was a bit more than I had planned on, but Simon was surprised it wasn’t higher

It will be three tiers, with dulce de leche on the bottom and Boston cream pie on the top two. Vanilla buttercream frosting with a ribbon of milk chocolate at the bottom of each tier. Ivy scrollwork in milk chocolate along the vanilla portion above the chocolate ribbon on each tier. Scattered chocolate leaves in red, orange, and yellow. It sounds PERFECT! They also give you a mini replica of the cake instead of a top tier to save. I think ours will get eaten after the honeymoon, we’re not into the one-year anniversary thing with the cake, too long!

Then I finally got all my bridesmaids’ measurement info for them, so I can order dresses, jewelry, and shoes. First is jewelry, as I’m having an artist on Etsy custom-make all of it. A total deal at $320 for all four of us. See her store here. Here are the pieces I’m ordering:

My jewelry set.

Tiara for my MoH and I. Mine will be doubled.

MoH and bridesmaids’ necklace and bracelet.

MoH and bridesmaids’ earrings.

I didn’t want pearls when I first started planning this wedding, but like all things, I started leaning towards the traditional and decided they would look lovely with our look. I’m going to try 50s-style hair and makeup on myself, so the pearls will really fit in. And of course, there’s plenty of sparkle!

So, two more things checked off the list. Love it!

(Also, happy birthday Simon! I love you sweetie!)

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It sounds like you're making some fun choices.

    Congrats on using Etsy as well! I have a cousin who sells her soaps and oils on Etsy. Custom-made is nice.