Thursday, January 21, 2010

Having my aunt and uncle and Simon's parents over today to meet for the first time!

Well, we did it. We successfully introduced the future in-laws.

Using the excuse of Simon's birthday, we had my aunt and uncle and Simon's parents over for dinner on Saturday. We cleaned all morning, and I cooked and baked all afternoon. I made chicken Parmesan, spaghetti, and salad, with a chocolate Oreo birthday cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert (my first cake from scratch!).

We put the football game on the TV, even though we both hate sports. My aunt and uncle came first (my “parents,” for those of you who don't know), and my aunt set up veggies and crackers. She brought a bouquet for me and a potted tulip for Simon's mom. She's good at this stuff. My uncle watched football.

Simon's parents arrived, laden with way too many presents for Simon (they give well beyond their means, but I love them). The introductions were made, and the men settled in for football, talking about the score and various man-things. The ladies started talking about medical things, which they both work or worked in, then the conversation turned to pets, as they're all animal lovers. It was going great!

Then I served dinner, which also went very well. They devoured the cake, it was sooooooo good. Then Simon opened his presents, most of which were for me too (pot rack, garage door opener, Tupperware, yay!). We then went back to the living room, played with the cats, and talked for another hour or so. They all got along great and had plenty to talk about.


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