Thursday, January 28, 2010

I know, AGAIN with the wedding dresses, but...thoughts?

At least I’m not really changing my mind again!  I just think this dress:

…is the closest to what I’ve been looking for; white lace, short train, sweetheart strapless neckline.  Perfect!  And only $189!  I’m in love…again
This time though, I’m waiting.  Why?  Because I finally started losing weight!  I’m down almost 9 lbs. already, and it’s been steady and healthy.  Simon and I are doing it together, and it’s really working.  We’re using, something everyone who wants to be healthy should check out!
If you do join, be sure to say CelestialAxis referred you.  ;)  It’s based on healthy lifestyle changes instead of dieting, and community support instead of being told what you’re doing wrong.  My SparkFriends are always there for me, with encouragement and virtual hugs.  You can also follow @SparkPeople on Twitter.  And the site is completely free!
It finally hit me on New Year’s Eve…I’m getting married THIS year.  Not in a year and a half, not in a year, not in 10 months.  Nine short months, THIS year.  I’d been trying on and off to lose weight for the wedding, then kept falling off the wagon with the excuse of “I have plenty of time.”  Well, now I don’t.  Not only do I want to look good in my wedding pictures, I want to start a healthier life and have energy for our eventual child.  When it finally clicked, suddenly it wasn’t so hard any more.  I’ve been eating right and exercising every day for over three weeks straight now.  It’s not a New Year’s resolution, it’s a LIFE resolution.  My BMI puts me in the obese category.  No more.
I will wear that dress, and I will look BEAUTIFUL.  I’m waiting till July to order it; it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive, leaving 2 months for alterations.  It will fit like a glove.  I will look and feel perfect!

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