Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going to the Museum Of Science Friday to meet with our wedding coordinator again

How do you justify taking a day off from work to see the Harry Potter exhibit?  By also meeting with your wedding coordinator while you’re at the museum, of course!

Simon and I were planning on going to the exhibit anyways, but we actually won tickets, which makes it even sweeter.  We didn’t want to go during school vacation or on a weekend, so we needed an excuse to go during the week.  I have a ton of things I want to talk to my wedding coordinator about, and she’s free this Friday, yay!

Most important is the floor plan:

I want to make sure all of the above will work.  I’ve done it to scale to the best of my ability, including the tables, couches, end tables, bar, cake table, photo table, etc.  This would work for up to about 70 guests (10 chairs at each round table, plus 4 couches), but if I get more than that I’ll add another table.  I’m setting it up sort of like a lounge, with couches for people to socialize on, instead of being assigned to tables.  With it just being hors d’oeuvres and desserts, there’s no need for strict seating.  I’d like people to mingle!

I have no idea what the food set-up will be, so that’s what I need to ask the coordinator about.  I also want to take more pictures of the room (they have some online) to help me decorate.  Thank goodness I hired a lighting designer, because the room is VERY bland.  I’ll save on centerpieces by only having 5 or 6 tables.  Stools from IKEA draped with fabric will serve as end tables, we’re renting the couches, and we’ll buy throw pillows because they wanted $15/each just to rent.  We can buy them for the same amount!

I just need to get back in that room, I haven’t been since June.  I should also check out the ceremony room again because I have NO idea how I’m setting that up.  8 months to go, time to make some decisions!

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