Thursday, September 24, 2009

No more weddings

I was hoping for more opportunities to see other people’s weddings during my engagement. Unfortunately, my cousin Aaron’s wedding last Saturday was the only one, unless someone gets engaged NOW and married in less than a year! Possible, but not probable.

During the entire wedding, I compared theirs to what I have planned for mine. It was too different to even try though. Their ceremony was by the water, behind Scituate Lighthouse.

She wore a pretty, but plain, gown and had only two attendants on each side. The bridesmaids wore tea length, sleeveless, navy blue dresses. The bride’s hair was in a simple half-pony with a veil on a comb, which kept trying to fly away in the sea breeze.

Nothing like what I’m planning.

The reception was under a tent in the bride’s back yard. Children were all invited.

(Why yes, I do have the cutest nieces ever!)

There was an open bar with various alcohols and a signature drink, the Pratt-a-rita (cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, sour mix, and tequila, yum!). Dinner was a barbeque buffet prepared in advance by the groom, a chef and restaurant owner. There was a DJ and dancing, which Simon and I left directly after cake to avoid. We hate dancing.

Again, nothing like my wedding plans.

There was nothing similar enough to draw any ideas from, and most of the different things were stuff I would never do. All it did was make me worry about guests staying entertained, as I was so bored. Not their fault, I’m not very social and all everyone does after food is dance anyways.

See? She likes to dance!

But I realized for all its differences, it was a beautiful wedding. Everyone was happy. It was a wonderful day. And I hope, oh do I hope, that my wedding is just as beautiful in its own way.


  1. Have you considered having your reception be more of a cocktail lounge setting vs. dance floor? That way people have a reason and encouragement to stick around, but there is still no dance.

  2. What do you mean by cocktail lounge setting? We're having tables + chairs, passed hors d'oeuvres and hors d'oeuvre stations, with background music. I'd love to hear what a "cocktail lounge" set-up would be!

  3. I guess I was thinking since you won't be spending money on a DJ or band that you could rent couches and tables and set up what would look like a lounge. I read an older post of yours that said you're doing passed apps, so I think it would be a cool surprise to your guests to really embrace that different setting/reception by having furniture and lighting that compliment it. More of a bar/lounge that would encourage mingling. If you're not having a full seated meal, don't mess with big round tables. High boys are easy to rent/set up, and totally normal for parties with heavy appetizers. Then if you have several seating areas, people can move around on their own.

    Does it make sense?? I hope so!

  4. Hmm, interesting idea, but I don't know if the museum would let us. Or maybe they know of a way to do it thru them? If it wouldn't cost us much extra, I think I might be into that. I don't go to many "lounges" so I wasn't sure what you meant, but that sounds pretty cool. I already hired a lighting designer so they can figure that part out. Neat!

    The tables come with the venue so I'm not going to switch those out for highboys, plus the older guests may be more comfortable at regular tables. But less tables means less centerpieces to make, and the couch idea sounds comfy.