Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vistaprint wedding stationery

I love VistaPrint . I’ve bought address labels, pens, magnets, stamps, and more from them in the past. They are always the cheapest personalized stationery out there. When it came time to order things for my wedding, I knew I’d be getting most of my stuff from them. I drew the line at invitations and programs, which I want to be a bit nicer, but everything else was coming from them.

So I started with engagement announcements; post-cards with two of our professional engagement photos on them, announcing our engagement and our new address. Got 70 of those, as I have about 55-60 addresses on our guest list.

Then I need save-the-dates: 2010 calendar magnets with the basic wedding details and our website address, and the wedding date circled. 70 of those as well.

At the wedding, we’ll need favors! We’re making a donation to the American Cancer Society in memory of my mother and Simon’s grandmother, and they send you pretty notices to give everyone to explain this. I decided to also give pens with those, so at least people walk away with something they can use. Ordered 75 pens.

Also at the wedding, we’re doing “guest wishes” cards instead of a guest book. Guests can write a sentiment on a notecard and place it in a vase, and I will put them in a scrapbook later amongst our photos. Ordered 100 of those.

After the wedding, we need to send wedding announcements to the people we couldn’t invite, especially extended members of my huge family. 50 of those should do the trick. They look like the engagement announcement because these people won’t have gotten one of those.

And last but not least, thank you cards! Let me tell you how fun it felt to have these printed up with my married name. ;) Ordered 75 of those I think.

Total for all of this, INCLUDING nice ivory envelopes with our return address pre-printed? Less than $450. If you go to, you automatically save 25%. Plus we got it during a free express shipping promotion and got everything in a week. I squealed when I opened the box, I was so excited!

You can also follow them at @Vistaprint and @VistaprintDeals on Twitter for announcements and sales.

Of course, I’ve now had everything for another week and still haven’t addressed and sent out the engagement announcements. I guess I should get on that, huh?

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