Monday, October 5, 2009

Engagement announcements, check!

Finally done with engagement announcements.  We bought labels yesterday for the addresses, and I stuffed and sealed the envelopes while Simon printed labels.  We were only short two addresses, one of which I got today, so we're not officially done, but just about!  Simon brought the 52 finished ones to the post office today.

I'm especially excited since I printed our website address on them, so more people can get wedding details.  And the website links to this blog!

I also set up an engagement announcement to print in the Boston Globe on Sunday, Nov. 1.  Need to remember to buy a few copies of that.  ;)  I want to start a scrapbook now that I have these things to put in it!  If I wait till after the wedding, it'll never get done.

So, one more thing is out of the way.  I need to mail contracts to our videographer and lighting designer.  Oh, and I'm going wedding dress shopping with my cousin Darcy on Sunday!  Could not be more excited.  I have a special little favor to ask of her that day.  ;)  Details later!

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