Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday is one year till my wedding!

When Simon first proposed on May 7 of this year, I was ready for a long engagement. I wanted to do everything right, take my time, and make sure we still wanted to do this. We had dated for less than two years before he proposed, and while I had known for months that I wanted to marry him, I hadn’t expected him to realize the same so soon. We love fall, and this fall was “too soon.” So we set the date for October 2010.

I don’t regret it, but the waiting is killing me! Friday Oct. 9 marks one year until our wedding. I’ve booked the venue/caterer, photographer, videographer, and lighting. My bridesmaids and I have picked out their dress. Simon and I are pretty sure we know which bakery is making our cake. I’m going dress shopping this Sunday. I have all the accessories and shoes picked out for my girls and me. I have written the ceremony, and I’m asking my possible officiant soon if she’ll do us the honor. I’ve picked out my d├ęcor and flowers and planned how to put them together. I’ve ordered all our stationery except the invitations and programs, which I’ll probably get from Etsy, and we’ve mailed the engagement announcements.

I have practically nothing left!!!

I know I won’t feel the same in a few months. As it gets closer, there will be more and more things to do. But I feel like, at this one year mark, I’ve already done everything I can do ahead of time, and can do nothing that needs to be done later! We’re not ordering dresses till December (even that is early, but I want to get the styles we picked before the new year and new styles come out). The save-the-dates will be sent in April. The food will be taste-tested within a few months of the wedding. Shouldn’t order the rings yet. Simon’s trying to lose weight, so we don’t want to buy his suit for a while.

I spend hours at work browsing wedding websites and talking about weddings on Twitter. I exchange links to dresses with friends on Facebook (I’m 27, EVERYONE I know is getting married!). I gaze at the dress I want and ask people’s opinions on my choices over and over and over. But there’s nothing else I can actually do for the wedding right now. That makes me ridiculously sad. Why do I have the wedding blues…ALREADY?


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  2. Actually, he loves wearing his engagement ring, and he's fine with a wedding ring. But thanks for assuming.