Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am no longer allowed to use Twitter at work

I have no tweet to base my blog post off today. That is because I am no longer allowed to use Twitter at work.

To be fair, I was never really “allowed” to use it. “Social networking” sites are prohibited. I work for a large, 800+ person concierge company, and we work with a lot of credit card information. We are not allowed to use cell phones, iPods, etc. at our desks, or blog or IM or Twitter or Facebook or pretty much anything. Since I work in Purchasing and have to be online all day to make purchases, it’s been pretty easy for me to skirt the Internet restrictions. Business is very slow right now, and I am BORED. I do my job, quickly and well, often going above and beyond my required duties.

Then, on Tuesday, I got “the talk” from my boss about my “Internet usage,” Twitter in particular. Now, I like her, she’s nice, and I could tell it was a command from her superiors that she had to carry out. But, COME ON. The rules are there to prevent stupid people from downloading viruses and goofing off instead of working. I’m not one of those people. Rules are rules though, and I am now Twitter-less from 9 to 5.
The tweet I was going to blog about had to do with all the friends I’ve made through Twitter, brides in particular. I have a Twitter friend in North Carolina now, @msrib [], that’s getting married the day after me. She and I have been having great chats with @TheNearlywed []. Then there’s @bobbiealice [] who won @BrokeAssBride’s [] couture wedding gown give-away, and I couldn’t be happier for her. Twitter makes me feel connected to a whole new community, and as someone who does not have a lot of female friends “in real life,” it gives me camaraderie I rarely experience elsewhere.
Now, my days are lonely and quiet. I can’t post endless links to dresses I’m looking at and vent about my family’s involvement in my wedding. I know I can do it at home after work, but I have other things to take care of then, and only post a couple of tweets. Basically, I’m miserable, and this may be my last straw here. They have no more work for me to do, but refuse to let me entertain myself in other ways. It’s a boring, dead-end job, and I really can’t see myself here much longer. I want to do so many other things. I can’t say much else, but this bride may be hitting the road if she gets her way.

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