Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is why we can't have kids yet: Our idea of an awesome Sunday is taking off on the motorcycle

This past Sunday reminded me once again why I am marrying this man. Not that I ever really forget, but days like this just reinforce our love.
We woke up Sunday morning (LATE Sunday morning) to a gorgeous day after a rainy Saturday. At once we knew we needed to get out on the motorcycle, as days like this are rare now, and will only get colder. We geared up, packed up our cameras (Canon Digital Rebels), I hopped on the back of his bike, and we took off north to go get breakfast. After some yummy pumpkin pancakes, we headed west to Central Mass. where we heard there were good orchards. We ended up at Doe Orchard in Harvard, and wandered around taking pictures, holding hands, and kissing under apple trees.

It was the perfect October day, reminding us that this is what it will feel like outside when we get married in a year. This is why we love fall, and why we’re having our wedding in this season. The smell of apples, the colors of the leaves…we love everything about it.

We continued on to a beautiful cemetery to take more pictures. It may sound morbid, but the leaves were gorgeous and the area was just so picturesque. We got silly and took some pictures of each other taking pictures. Look how handsome he is in his motorcycle leathers!

We’re not your typical engaged couple in many ways. We started living together after dating for only 8 months, we got engaged before we’d even dated 2 years. We’re in no rush to have kids and plan on adopting a toddler girl someday, maybe five or more years from now, even though we’re not very young (27 and 33 right now); I really have no desire to experience pregnancy and he’s totally fine with that. We’re enjoying being selfish with each other, and we’re not ready to give that up yet. We like taking off spontaneously, sleeping in, spending a rainy day in our PJs playing video games, and having a bunch of guys over to play D&D. Then again, maybe that’s why he loves me so much. ;)

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