Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding dresses! Now limited to the only three I'm considering

I know, I know, I still have 11 months till my wedding. But getting the dress is the funnest part of wedding planning, and I just can't wait. I have my bridesmaids' dresses picked out, and wanted to finalize my gown before I order theirs, just to make sure the colors match. To ensure their dress doesn't get discontinued before I buy it, I want to order them by the end of the year. Thus my wedding dress frenzy.

I have changed my mind about what dress I want so many times it's not even funny. I even bought one recently on eBay for $125, thinking it was my dream dress, until I tried it on and it didn't do much for me. It was okay, like every other dress I tried on. I was sure I would never find “the dress” or have that moment of absolute certainty. Every dress I thought I wanted, I ended up changing my mind about after sleeping on it. I spent an hour and a half in David's Bridal one day last month with my cousin, then this past Sunday, another two hours with other family members.

That was when I finally found it.

I went in with a list this time; I printed out a picture and the model number for nine different dresses. I handed them to Cindy and she gathered what she could find. Not all of them were available in Plus Size in the store, but I wound up trying on about six or so dresses. Some were immediately shot down, if only because others had looked better on me. We loved one, kind of loved another, hated the one I had loved last time...and then I tried IT on. I had picked it for the hell of it; it had a lot of color, and I was curious as to how it would look on me. I didn't think anyone else would like it. When I walked out of the dressing room, my aunt's, cousin's, sister's, and a few strangers' jaws dropped in unison. I seriously heard a collective gasp. I had found it.

I wasn't even convinced at first. I, who had wanted color on my dress so badly, almost thought it had too much. The dress can be special-ordered in all white, and I tried on a similar dress, but the effect just wasn't the same. Finally, my cousin asked me, “What do you want people to say when you walk down the aisle? 'Wow, that's different!” or 'Wow, she looks nice'?” That helped me a lot. I wanted to look different. Bridal, but not 100% traditional. I decided I loved the dress, after trying it on two more times.

So now I have to re-sell the dress I already bought, oh well. I'm not willing to pay full price for the dress I want (I just can't do it! I'm too much my mother's daughter), and I lost the auction for the only version of it I could find on eBay. But I know David's has sales practically once a month, so I'll try back between Thanksgiving and Christmas when they're desperate for sales. I am NOT getting it altered there. I do love it though, and I am SO glad I went back and tried on more! It is so flattering on me, I can't believe I might have never known how perfect it is.

So I did it. I found “the dress!” And I still love it, days later!

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