Thursday, November 12, 2009

New hair!

Now, my new hair-cut may not seem wedding-related, but it’s the first step in a series of self-improvement beauty techniques I’m employing over the next year.

I’m determined to get my hair all grown out and back to its natural color, which is some sort of dark brown. I dyed my hair black, then got blonde tips. The tips were easy enough to cut off, but the black dye may take a while. It was “temporary” hair color, but black is never temp. Luckily my hair is dark enough that my roots don’t look god-awful, but it needs to be ALL GONE by next October.

See, I’m giving myself to a stylist. I’m finding someone good, and saying to them, “Make me look pretty.” Whatever they think will look best, shy of man-haircuts and pink dye, is what they may do. Layers, highlights, whatever.

I like having long hair, it’s fun most of the time. But long hair is not flattering on short, chubby girls. I had it cut just below my shoulders, and it’s taking some getting used to. Washing and brushing are a breeze now though! I’m growing out the bangs too in case the stylist decides against them.
I’m also taking vitamins for hair, skin, and nail health. I may get facials leading up to the wedding, and possibly a chemical peel a few months prior. I have horrible acne and I just know I’m going to have a break-out the day of the wedding.

Now for my next tweet…
@CelestialAxis: OMG OMG our best man may be gifting us a free week at a resort he's a member of. He gets points and he said we can have it for our h-moon!

Yes, that’s right. Our amazing best man is giving us some of his rewards points, which will cover about 40% of the cost of a week’s stay at Palace Resorts. We chose the one in Cancun. CANCUN!!! Basically we’ll end up paying close to what we had originally budgeted, but now at a MUCH nicer place.
We decided on Sun Palace, which is couples only. Check this place out.
Jacuzzi in every room. Swim-up bar. White sand beaches. Um, can I get married now so we can go???

So that’s all my exciting news for the week. ;)

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