Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm having a wedding meltdown. Not sure if I want the colors or gowns that I picked any more!!!

You would think, with me getting married and all, that I’d be able to commit. Unfortunately, I am deathly afraid of committing…to a dress. To all of the dresses in my wedding really.

Now, I know I’ve probably blogged more about dresses than any other topic so far. That is because I am driving myself INSANE with indecision. I already own two wedding dresses, and I’m contemplating a third. I almost started looking at new bridesmaids’ dresses, but one my ladies talked me out of it. Still, nothing is set in stone, and that’s giving me free reign to change my mind a million times.

First, I bought this gown:

…for $160 on eBay. I didn’t fall in love with it when I put it on. I went back to David’s Bridal, as you all heard, and tried on many more dresses. That was when I and everyone else fell in love with this one:

It made me look about two sizes skinnier, had just the right amount of color, was different without being weird. Amazingly, I found it new on eBay for $200. It is still in a box in my dining room.

It seemed to go great with my bridesmaids’ dresses:

Still, I wasn’t happy. I continued to look, despite other brides’ warnings to just let it be. I obsessed over the fact that countless people were telling me how many brides they had seen in that dress. It was all over eBay too…it seems THOUSANDS of brides have worn this dress. It bugs me to no end, irrational as that may seem. Then, I fell in love with THIS:

It’s also available in white with silver instead of black. It…is…GORGEOUS. And different! And elegant! It’s everything I want, and a knock-off company will make it for $179 (I don’t care about the brand name).

I started questioning my color choices. I originally chose dark red and gold because they’re Simon’s and my birthstone colors (garnet and topaz). Together on a dress, the colors were too bright, so I chose brown for the bridesmaids’ dress color, with a red sash for the MoH and gold sashes for the other two BMs. Then, when I chose a wedding gown with red, I decided the gold would look out of place and changed all of the sashes to red. Now, I wonder if I even want brown and red. Yes, they’re fall-like, but they’re hardly my favorite colors. I’ve read on The Knot how your fall colors can include dark blue or purple. I contemplated a classy black gown for the BMs and played with different color sashes.

My cousin then informed me that black doesn’t work well for an afternoon wedding, which is also fairly casual in my case. She insists the brown and red is great, classy, and different, which is what I want. Black would be too fancy.

I really can’t decide. I don’t want them all in red, I think it would look awful on the blondes. I’m not sure which gown I want for myself yet, and I’m going to wait on buying any more and give myself a few months to really decide if I can live with the white and red DB gown I bought. I need to buy the BM dresses before they stop making them, but I have a feeling the unauthorized site that’s selling them so cheap won’t get rid of them any time soon.

I just…can’t…COMMIT. And I’m driving myself, and everyone around me, nuts.

All I really care about is that I’m marrying the love of my life. But I want us all to look perfect while we do that! I just want perfection; is that too much to ask?

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