Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yep, still wedding dress shopping, even tho I own 2 gowns already

Have I mentioned I can't decide on a wedding dress? Have I blogged too much about dresses yet? =P

Before last week's blog was even posted, I decided against that gorgeous gown, if only because it's just too darn fancy for my simple afternoon wedding. It was back to the drawing board, because I'm just not happy with the David's Bridal dress.

I was browsing and came across this for only $288:

I realized I hadn't really considered a lace dress, which suddenly struck me as a grave oversight because I love lace. Duh! I wasn't totally psyched with the style, as I prefer a sweetheart neckline and the bow is a bit much. I bugged their customer service with yet another email, and they confirmed it could be made with a sweetheart neckline and no sash for no extra charge. That would make it look a little more like this dress:

But for far less money (that one is $650 on eBay). I can get it in all white with no train (which I like the idea of, much easier to move in), and add my own sash to match my bridesmaids if I'd like. It's not poofy, there's no petticoat underneath, and it just looks more comfortable in general.

More importantly, it's a classic, romantic style. I'm much less likely to look at that in 20 years and have an “Oh gods what was I THINKING???” moment. It's simple and not too fancy. The heavier weight lace is appropriate for fall. I am totally in love with the idea of that dress.

Right now.

I do realize with my fickle past that I may change my mind. I'm holding off on ordering any more dresses at the moment. In a few months, if I still want it, I'll place my order. I still have plenty of time. But right now, THAT is the dress I want. =) Wish me luck on not changing my mind again!

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