Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We looked at wedding rings tonight.

The jewelry store we got my engagement ring at, Barmakian’s, had a huge party and sale the other night. I got an email about it and it sounded like a great time, so I RSVP’d. There was free food, raffles, silent auctions, and 10% off all diamonds. And of course, it was CROWDED.
I sort of had an idea of what I wanted for a wedding ring. Something like this bottom one: complement my engagement ring:

Of course, when I actually tried it on, it totally didn’t fit with my ring. The middle diamond on my ring is too big for that wedding ring to rest against it. I tried on a bunch of similar styles, and none of them worked.
Well, boo. L Simon asked about custom rings, and yes, they do them, so that’s an option. Maybe something thinner and curved in the middle to accommodate the center diamond on my ring, which can be tacked together after the wedding.
This is definitely something I haven’t looked into a lot yet, which is surprising. I’m usually pretty good at picking out jewelry. I picked out my engagement ring, which I will potentially wear for the rest of my life, in less than an hour, yet the dress I will wear for one single day has me baffled.
Simon’s ring will be a little easier. Since I bought him this tungsten engagement ring:

…he just plans on getting a simple tungsten wedding band, because the material is so great and never scratches. He’ll most likely be picking one out from Tungsten World as they have great rings, reasonable prices, and free engraving (it’s really hard to find someone that will engrave tungsten rings). As nice as Barmakian’s is, they don’t even carry tungsten.
So that’s another thing to tackle. What is it, 10 months left now? =/

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