Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dresses dresses dresses

Okay, so...

This is me:

I'm heavy. I'm trying to lose weight for the wedding, but with the way it's going, it probably won't be a huge amount. I need to find a wedding dress that will cover the problem areas, like my upper arms and tummy. I am NOT wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress. Not happening.

Here is the bridesmaid dress we picked out:

I think I want to go with a short-sleeved dress for me, since they're in straps. If I go with long-sleeved, I may find a shrug for them to wear.

So these are the dresses I like!

I'm looking for other opinions. I know mine is what matters, but I like outside perspectives. Comments, suggestions? Keep in mind my shape, and the color and style of the bridesmaids dresses. My wedding gown will be ivory.

I am not going to try them on in stores. This website has $200 dresses and I love them (bought the dress I'm wearing in the top picture from them), and they are based in China, with no physical stores. I also HATE trying on clothes. So yes, while I know it is smart to try stuff on to see what looks right, I'm not doing it. I hate bridal stores, I hate trying stuff on, and I'm too big for most samples to fit me anyways. It wouldn't help much.

So that's that. Thoughts? =)

EDIT: It's important to add that this site makes the dresses custom-fitted, so I make any part of it as loose as I need. Sleeves, torso, etc. They make a perfect fit. It's www.lilywedding.com by the way.


  1. I only know what others have told me about wedding dresses. And, from that, everyong has said the SAME thing. The dress they wanted and the dress they ended up with are completely opposite. You may be inclined to go to a second hand shop that has wedding dresses not necessarily for the actual dress, but for the shape. And, just to try them on. I know you want to cover up your arms, but sometimes putting something white on them will make them just look bigger- just food for thought- you may be happier with a sleeveless- or a princess sleeve (just a little flat on the shoulder). I like the 2nd and 3rd ones- as long as the sleeve is a little loose like a t-shirt. If it's tight and cuts into your arm (as you probably know) that's no good. My many years of retail taught me that ;)

    Good luck in your choice!

    Jenn Hartnett

  2. Thanks! Yeah the site takes all your measurements, so I can make the sleeves as loose as I want.

  3. Sarah - I agree with the poster above. I was shocked at the dress I found, and I would have sworn I wouldn't go sleeveless. But a halter is surprisingly slimming. I REALLY suggest you spend an afternoon at David's Bridal, if only to get a sense of what shapes you like best on you. =)

  4. Sigh! I know halters are good, but it still doesn't hide my arms. I'm adamant on that. And an afternoon at David's Bridal is kinda my idea of what hell might be like. I may try a second hand store. I think I can handle that. =)

  5. Hey Sarah, have you tried looking at plussizebridal.com site? I think it would help to look at what a REAL sized woman looks like in a dress in stead of the stick figures that they have in all of the others. Sizes actually run from 0 - 28W so whatever size you are... they have. Style # 6866 has some cute flirty sleeves #7409 looks like your style but may be beyond the budget... how about #6872?

  6. the only problem i see with covering your arms is not showing off that tattoo! i have a cluster of stars on my neck and it's going to be my focal point. i don't like my arms, but do know that strapless looks good on me. i agree with going to David's and getting a sense of styles before buying anything else. I love the 1st wedding gown you posted, but if it hangs funny, then i'ts no good! :)

    What company did you get the brown dress from? I already have a gown, but am trying to sell it to get something more me and more our-wedding since now it's in Vegas and big poufy dress will travel terribly. my current fave site to dress window shop is www.bridalonlinestore.com mostly cuz they go up to size 28 even though I don't need quite that large.

    Good luck!

  7. The brown bridesmaids dresses are by After Six, and I'll be buying them from www.houseofbrides.com. The brown dress I'm wearing in the 1st pic is from www.lilywedding.com.

    I think the tattoo may get covered just so I don't scandalize Simon's family any more than I already have (gasp! I'm Pagan!). I'll have to check out that site you suggested!