Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wow. I just contacted the rudest videographer ever. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But I was not pleased.

So I decided I want a videographer for the wedding. The day goes by so quickly, and it's impossible to see everything, especially yourself! I want a basic DVD of the day just so we can look back later. I looked on the Boston.com wedding vendor forums for some recommendations, and TheKnot.com. I also asked a recently married co-worker. The co-worker suggested one but he is in Providence. I contacted one from The Knot, and two from the Boston.com forums.

The Boston.com forums ones responded politely and quickly to set up meetings with me. Their pricing was available online and they were very accommodating with their schedules (Black Tie Video and Eagle Pro Video). The one from TheKnot.com, Fotografia Love, did not have pricing online. They did have an online inquiry form, which I filled out. They offer photography and videography, and I indicated I was interested in videography only. This was their response:

Hi Sarah,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Our videographer is currently still available for your wedding date. Mina & I are also still available for photography. Are you interested in photography? If so we could set up an appointment for you to view our album photo samples.

If you are only interested in video you may view our demo video online

Attached is our pricing & more info. Call or email us with any questions you may have.
If you would like to reserve the date only for video and not photography, we will email you a video contract.

Demetri Papoulidis

Now, it was polite enough I suppose. But what annoyed me was the push for photography (which I have already booked elsewhere) and the assumption that I would sign with them before even meeting them. I need to know I would get along with this person, as they will be following me all day! They attached a brochure with pricing, as they did not display that on their site (which I will never understand). Of course, they were more expensive than the other two I contacted as well.

So I replied to them, rather bitchily I suppose.

I am not interested in a photographer, as I already have one. You pushing your services, which I am obviously aware of as I filled out your online inquiry form, is very unprofessional. I prefer to meet with videographers before signing contracts, and I prefer not to be pushed for services I do not need. I will not be requiring your services as I am meeting with videographers who responded more politely to my inquiries.

Thank you,

His response?

1st time I heard that one!

Good luck


Interesting. Oh well, I have appointments with the other two, who came highly recommended. Wish me luck!

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