Thursday, August 6, 2009

Engagement photos

One week from today we're getting our engagement photos done! I could not be more excited. We'll finally have professional pictures of us. We have very few of the two of us at all; the blog header one was actually taken by Simon himself, lol.

So our photographer is the esteemed Lisa Rigby, who photographed my cousin Darcy's wedding and I just loved the results. She's been a pleasure to work with so far, always on Facebook and Twitter and email, and generally easy to get a hold of despite her busy schedule. Our engagement photos are going to be taken in the back yard of our new home. The landscaping is gorgeous, and what could mean more to us than our new home?

I picked out this dress to wear:
I'm also doing red nails and lipstick to go for a pseudo-50s-pinup-girl style. My black hair and bangs will work well for this. I'll also be barefoot because we'll be outside and barefoot is my favorite way to be, despite my massive shoe collection!

Simon will be wearing jeans and a polo (she recommended we wear something fairly usual for us). I polled a bunch of friends online to determine the best color polo for him to wear. We have it narrowed down to a light blue polo with dark jeans or a navy blue polo with light jeans. Maybe a green polo, but I'm not sold on it. We'll have to compare them to the dress to make our final decision.

I'm sooooooort of considering a French manicure so Simon can wear a dark red polo. I really can't decide. Brightly colored nails are kind of my "thing," but I know the plain nails would look better. =/

So...comments? Suggestions? I want these photos to be stunning!

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