Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Engagement photo outfits

Okay, one last post about this, as the pictures are tomorrow. Lisa recommended we do two different outfits, since we'll be at home and can change easily. Here is what I have.

First outfits, casual. Me = dark purple dress, bare feet (I got a French manicure on fingers and toes). Simon = dark red polo, jeans, brown shoes.

Second outfits, dressier. Me = dark brown shirt, blue skirt, and brown heels. Simon = light blue button-down (with white t-shirt underneath), gray twill pants, and brown shoes.

(Yes, I'm obsessed with Old Navy. No, I did not pick out all 4 outfits from there on purpose, I swear!)

She recommended solid colors that coordinate but don't necessarily "match." So...comments, suggestions, thoughts? Please???


  1. I think they look great. I also think you're placing way too much emphasis on this. Go, have a good time and have some fun getting your pictures taken!!!

  2. I just really like that purple dress. :) Can't go wrong with ON. Always stylish and affordable.

  3. Adam, how can you say I'm putting too much emphasis on this? A photo from this session will be on our engagement announcements AND framed in an 8x10 at the reception. SUPER IMPORTANT!!!

    Then again, anything to do with clothes is important in my world. ;)

    Sam, thank you. =)

  4. I like the first set of outfits. That dress will look really good on you, and I like the color combos you picked. Stick with what you original want trust me.

  5. What I mean to say is that this is only a photograph. It is only as important as you make it. Yes, it will be displayed in the announcements. People will look at it and say "Oh that's nice". They will say this, regardless of whether or not you wear a purple dress, a blue dress, or an invisible dress.

    I understand that you want it to be perfect. But to me, it seems that you guys are already perfect for each other, no matter what you decide to wear. So stop stressing about it. Whatever you decide, on this day, and I'm sure on your wedding day, you will look perfect because it's going to be what you are feeling inside that is projected out. It's what will be seen & remembered by your friends & family.

    Years from now, when you and Simon and those closest to you reminisce fondly of the days leading up to your wedding, and the day itself, those memories will be of the two of you, and your love for each other, not of the red polo shirt and jeans combination.

    And that's what's really important.

    That being said, I do like the choices :)

  6. Beth, we're wearing both, we can change mid-session.

    Adam, thank you. =) I'm not stressed per se, just looking for opinions cuz it's fun