Thursday, August 20, 2009

Such a perfect day! Happy 2 year anniversary my love!

I just got back from three days in Maine with my fiance. It's amazing how much a little get-away can totally refresh and renew us. We were celebrating our two-year anniversary. Two years ago on August 18, we met for the very first time, and life would never be the same.

Simon and I are computer geeks, so of course we met online. Craig's List, to be exact, as I wasn't ready to shell out money for a dating service. His was the one intelligent reply to my ad, so I gave him a shot. Eight months later, I moved in. A year after that, we were engaged.

We spent from Sunday till Tuesday in Bridgton, Maine, staying at the Noble House B&B. Sunday we drove to Maine and stopped at Yummies and the Maine Diner on the way. We got to the B&B around 7 and just relaxed and watched a movie. Monday we spent two hours at the lake, went to an arcade, then finished the day at the drive-in movie theater, which I had never experienced before. Tuesday we checked out, spent two and a half hours on a riverboat cruise, then drove back to Massachusetts and reality.

We're a very affectionate couple, but being away for a few days made us downright sickening (in a good way!). There were constant “I love you”s and “happy anniversary”s and we just couldn't have been happier. Sometimes you just need to get away and focus on each other, instead of the wedding, and work, and the house.

My presents were a “Love: Sarah & Simon” canvas to hang in our room, a “Sarah & Simon” frame...AND A KINDLE!!! I have a freaking Kindle!!! He spoils his little bookworm. ;) As you may recall, his engagement ring was his early anniversary present, and he has been very good and worn it every day.

I'm sad to be home from vacation, but I know it was worth it and we made memories to last a lifetime. There's nothing like escaping with the love of your life.

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