Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love having the dresses planned for my wedding and then COMPLETELY changing my mind

I think it’s funny how when you think of your wedding before you get engaged, you have a completely different picture of it than once you actually start planning. Some people may keep their original vision, of course, but mine has changed countless times. For years, I pictured my bridesmaids all in purple, my favorite color. Then it was a medieval-style wedding with jewel-toned velour dresses. Then it was a beach wedding with the bridesmaids in ocean-blue sundresses. Then I actually got engaged. And once it was real, everything changed.

The first thing we discussed was when we wanted to get married. It was pretty much a given that it would be in autumn, our favorite season. We didn’t want to rush and do it this fall, so we decided on October 2010. That got me thinking about a fall-themed wedding. Our birthstones are garnet and topaz, which happen to be fall colors. What better way to have a wedding that’s “us” than to base the colors on our birthstones? I fell in love with that idea.

My first idea was to have my sister, the maid of honor, in burgundy and my bridesmaid, a friend, in gold. Then I thought it might seem weird and uncoordinated to have three ladies in three different colors. Then I thought if they have the same dress color with different color accents, it may pull together better. I wanted long, sheer sleeves for all our dresses, feeling that sleeveless was odd for the fall. That is a VERY hard style to find. I started thinking about this for the bridesmaids:

…but in brown with a burgundy sash for the MOH and gold for the BM. I thought, however, it might look odd to tie a sash around the waist with a basque waist dress. I did feel it went nicely with the dress I had tentatively picked out for myself:

I also had to add a bridesmaid at this point, as Simon decided on a best man and two groomsmen. Yes, I know they don’t have to be even, but I like symmetry. That’s when I asked a friend of mine from middle school to be my second bridesmaid, and she was so overjoyed I felt silly for not thinking of her in the first place! So now my sister and two girls I’ve known since ages 10 and 12 are my bridal party, and I couldn’t be happier.

I was all set with those dresses until I started looking around They had some really cute dresses with sashes built in, and you could choose whatever dress color and sash color combination you wanted. That’s when I typed the above tweet, after seeing this dress:

Adorable! So I sent the three ladies pictures of it, and two liked it; but my sister, the shortest and heaviest, wasn’t too pleased with the tea length, and I can’t really blame her. It can be unflattering on short, heavy legs like ours.

In the meantime, I decided to find a non-long-sleeved dress for myself if I was going to put the bridesmaids in sleeveless. I guess I’ve finally come to terms with most dresses being that way, and that it’s not really going to matter since the entire wedding is indoors, with the ceremony and reception in the same building. This is what I started liking:

Since my sister was not comfortable with tea length, I went in search of a longer dress and found this:

I passed the photos around to my co-workers and got the consensus that it was a very classy style. It has a seam at the waist to it can be shortened without affecting the colored hem.

Then I also found I like this style:

The bridesmaids dresses can be seen here and here and the wedding dress here.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you, savvy brides!

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