Thursday, September 3, 2009

So I may have unnecessarily worried my FMIL

I thought it would be nice to buy a “mother of the groom” book for my FMIL for her birthday last month. She’s really excited about this wedding, as Simon’s older brother eloped. I chose “The Mother of the Groom: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy the Best Wedding Ever” by Sharon Naylor on Amazon. When I gave it to her, I told her it may tell her stuff like how much she has to pay for our wedding and a list of stuff she’s supposed to do. I told her to ignore that stuff. Simon HEARD me tell her to ignore that stuff. So…of course she didn’t.

I love my FMIL. She is quirky and sweet and I’m super lucky. She loves me. It’s good. She’s starting to fill the motherless void in my life. The last thing I want to do is worry her. See, Simon and I came into some money after my mother’s death (life insurance, selling the house, etc.). The wedding is paid for, no problem. Simon’s parents do not have a lot of money. I do NOT need or want them to contribute. I’d like to even pay for their hotel while they’re here. So what happened Monday night?

I hear Simon on the phone saying stuff like, “No, she told you not to take it seriously. No, you don’t have to do that. We don’t need it. No, really.” I got worried. He got off the phone and asked him who it was and he just laughed. He finally explained that it was his mother, who just sat down to read the book. She called him in a panic asking how much we needed them to contribute. I could only slap my forehead and sigh.

I hope she believed him. I hope she really doesn’t think I gave her that book as a way to say, “Give us money! The book says so!” I need to call her and explain before she hates me or something. My advice: read a book before you give it to someone. I need to make sure the “maid of honor” book I gave my sister isn’t giving her a heart attack too!

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  1. Mothers all over the world seem to have a selective memory of what they are told! HAHAHA! She sounds wonderful though and it's great that she is so excited about the wedding.