Friday, September 18, 2009

Stressing about decor

I have it all worked out. I know exactly how I want to decorate my wedding reception.
Or do I? Will all my homemade centerpieces look, well...homemade? Will it all fall flat once put in the actual room? Will it look cheesey or tacky or just plain ugly?
Breathe. This is why I blog...I love getting other people's opinions. So here we go, my reception d├ęcor plan. Please let me know what you think! The room is very very plain, but has two walls of windows overlooking Boston.
Each table will be a 60” round covered with a Bengaline linen tablecloth in Maple Sugar:

In the center of each table will be a 9” mirror:

In the center of each mirror will be a 7.5” tall bud vase:

The vase will be filled with red, orange, and yellow glass pebbles:

Each vase will also contain a single red or yellow silk poppy:

Surrounding the base of the vase, on the mirror, will be four votive holders; 2 red and 2 yellow:

I will use LED tealights in the votive holders:
Scattered on the table will be personalized Hershey kisses and silk fall leaves:

Around the room will be small stools covered in sheer brown fabric:

On top of each stool will be either a pre-filled basket:

Or a basket I will fill with Spanish moss, leaves, Chinese lantern fruits, cinnamon, and lights:

I also will be hiring someone to make brown, red, orange, and yellow balloon arrangements that will be weighted and sitting on the floor. We're looking into hiring someone to do some decorative uplights on the walls and columns.
So...what do you think? For more details on these items, you can visit my Amazon wishlist.

Any changes, suggestions, comments? The wedding is in 13 months!

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