Saturday, September 12, 2009

Engagement photos are done!

Our engagement pics are up...and I cried watching the slideshow.

From the second Simon and I got engaged, I knew I wanted some sort of engagement photos. I didn’t care if we did them at Wal-Mart, I just wanted some sort of nice picture of us, as we have very few of both of us. When I booked my wedding photographer, Lisa Rigby, she told me about her engagement photo sessions and it was such a reasonable price, I asked her to do those too. It would also give us an opportunity to work with her before the wedding so we’d be more comfortable.

She’ll do the shoot wherever you want (within reason), and we decided on doing them in our own backyard, as our new home together is very meaningful to us. We were supposed to do them August 13, but it rained. We rescheduled for August 26, and thankfully it was a gorgeous day.

It was an absolute blast; I felt like a supermodel, being followed around our yard and house with a camera. She thought up all kinds of things for us to do in the pictures, like sit on Simon’s motorcycle, play Scrabble and chess, and walk around the yard hand-in-hand.

When I got the pictures yesterday, I just cried. They were so beautiful; you could see the love between us. You could see how happy we are in our new home together. It just reinforced all the reasons I’m marrying this man; I love him more than anything.

Photography by Lisa Rigby

Bracelet and garnet drop earrings by Moody&Sanguine

Feather necklace and earrings by ChinaCherie

Clothing by Old Navy

Sarah's engagement ring by Barmakian Jewelers

Simon's engagement ring by Ethan Lord Jewelers

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  1. Awww! I checked out the blog when I saw that you made reference to us and ended up tearing up when I read it and saw the photos. You both look so sincerely happy you are glowing! And the way you talk about Simon is exactly the way I want to feel about someone someday. Congratulations for the millionth time!