Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well crap. David's Bridal finally designed a wedding dress I want.

I got an email from David's Bridal last week with their new fall styles. Out of curiosity I checked them out, and of course they finally have a sweetheart neckline A-line lace gown. Exactly what I've been looking for. The only problem? It's tea length. Not flattering on short and chubby me. Especially when bridesmaids are wearing floor length.

I am 4'11”, so there's a possibility it will actually be floor length on me. I'm sure the models are like 5'8” or taller. Unfortunately, it looks even shorter on the non-plus-size model:

I would NOT wear the little jacket it comes with, and would probably have a seamstress make the back lace-up instead of zip-up and use the white satin sash it comes with to tie it up.

I made an appointment to try it on. If it works, I think I can resign myself to wearing a DB dress. At least it's one I can try on and KNOW what I'm buying. If it's too short but otherwise works, I'll buy one of the lace ones I've wanted online. If it doesn't work at ALL, well then I'm back to square one, because I love lace gowns but still don't know how well they work on me.

The biggest thing I'll accomplish by trying it on is finally seeing a lace dress on me. I've wanted to, but hadn't seen the right kind at DB and didn't want to deal with the big bridal salons. Something that was also kind of fun was making the appointment. I asked if they had this one in stock and said I would probably need a 14. She asked my street size, thinking this was my first time with them, and I explained I tried on 18s and 16s last time I was there, and have lost almost 30 lbs. since. Her shocked, “WOW! Congratulations!” made my day, hehe.

So the motorcycle thing I tweeted about above? Yeah, kinda got in a little accident Tuesday night. Had to stop short to avoid hitting someone that didn't see me, and immediately fell over on my left side. I have a skinned and bruised knee and walking kind of hurts, but otherwise I'm fine. I'll still ride again, but it definitely shook me up a bit. It also drove home the importance of not riding for like a MONTH before my wedding so I'm in one piece!

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