Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy moly, my wedding stuff is all here!

I had a very fun day last Thursday.  I received ALL of the flowers and décor for my wedding!  The UPS guy was wondering what the hell warranted a NINE box delivery until I explained what it was for.

I couldn’t wait to tear into them.  I dragged them all upstairs to the craft room and proceeded to make the biggest mess ever.  My first stumbling block was the wedding arch.  It came in 4 pieces, with 7 screws, 7 bolts, an allen wrench, and a regular wrench. Oh, and NO instructions.  After much sweating and swearing, I got it put together:

Then I played with flowers!

I made a centerpiece:

Then I made a ceremony vase (there will be one on either side of the arch on small stools):

At that point I was pretty exhausted and called it a day.

There’s been a lot of “holy crap” surrounding my DIY adventure!  A couple days later, I tackled boutonnières.  No instructions, I just winged it.  I think they came out pretty well!

I started by cutting the stem of the silk flower down to a couple of inches, and detaching one sprig of leaves.  I attached the leaves to the flower using floral tape, then wrapped them both in brown satin ribbon, securing it with hot glue.  I finished by attaching a bar pin first with clear fishing line, then hot glue.  It’s a little top heavy and I may need a second pin, so Simon is going to try it on a suit jacket soon so we can see.

So that’s everything so far!  I still need to finish boutonnières, and do all the bouquets and corsages.  And fill vases.  And hang fabric from the wedding arch.  Oh boy…

P.S. – Happy 28th birthday to my bridesmaid Beth!!!

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