Thursday, June 24, 2010

Okay so pending my bridal shop visit Saturday...

It's getting down to the wire. 107 days. 3 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day. 3.5 months. However you word it, time is running out. I'm getting married soon...AND I STILL DON'T HAVE A GOWN!!!

Deep breaths. I'm slightly panicked. After last Wednesday's trip to David's Bridal, I was no closer to choosing a gown. I tried on these three gowns. The first one was a gorgeous lace, but the train was huge and the neckline wasn't sweetheart, which just doesn't work for me. The second had the neckline I love but was about 2 inches too short. The third was one I let the sales lady pick out, which tons of people loved on me, but I wasn't really into it.

I put together this album of my “final” choices, which of course ended up changing. After a conversation with my aunt (acting mother of the bride), she told me my cousin-in-law Amanda tried on a ruffled dress and it just made her look shorter (she's petite like me) so as cool as that one looks, it probably wouldn't work. Then she reminded me that the one from David's Bridal with the red flowers that I originally loved and bought on eBay, is actually available in all white (white flowers on white) by special order. I had kind of forgotten that. Oops. That one DID look awesome on me, even 25 lbs. ago:

The only problem is they ONLY show it in white with red or white with black on the David's Bridal website:

How hard would it be to post pics of the other combos? ARGH. Okay, so in other news, a college friend convinced me to check out a local bridal salon where she got her gown. She's around my size, and says the owner treats every girl like a size 2, which I love. No fat prejudice! I made an appointment for this coming Saturday morning at Precious Memories in Malden, MA. I saw a couple of pretty lace dresses on their site. I'll try a few on and see what happens. I could have a “the dress” moment and be all set. Or I might leave there as disappointed as always. In that case, I will order the DB dress in all white (as long as it's still available and can get here in 3 months) and this dress online:

Once I have both, I will try them on and decide. Even my frugal aunt recommended this course of action, as both are hard to find gowns and should re-sell on eBay easily. Along with the other two I already own. Yup...I have issues.

I have a hair makeover appointment Friday that I'm VERY excited for. Time to let a professional fix the disaster I call hair! I also realized in a half-asleep haze last night that I need to start getting the invitations put together. With the invite, RSVP card, and museum tickets going in each one, there will be quite a bit going on with each envelope. It will not be quick. So I'm thinking I need to pick up the stamps ASAP and get started on this. Eek! Invitations!!!

I really really really hope I pick out a gown soon...

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