Thursday, July 1, 2010

Omg I think I found my wedding gown. For reals.

Wow. Saturday was quite the wedding day. It started out at 11 am with my appointment at Precious Memories. They were very nice; it was definitely a step up from David's Bridal, but not intimidating. My saleswoman Christine helped me in and out of every gown. She let me pick some out, she picked some out, she changed her mind about some she picked out for me and picked out more. I only ended up trying on four or five overall, because the second to last gown was...wait for it...THE GOWN.

Yes, that's right. The most indecisive bride ever MADE A DECISION.

I was worried when I first walked in, because with my wedding date of October 9 they said most gowns would barely make it in time even with a rush. Well, that's what samples are for. This gown just about fits me in the sample size, and as it's a corset back, it's very flexible.

So what did I choose? Ta da! The gown!

Behold my badly Photoshopped masterpiece to get the saleswoman out of the shot. ;) The gown I chose is Tenille by Maggie Sottero in diamond white. Heavily beaded and pearled to the waist with three beaded pick-ups on the A-line skirt. Sweetheart neckline...which is about the only original gown requirement I had that this gown ended up having. Of course the saleswoman picked it out; I never would have. But the woman is a genius. I LOVE IT.

This is the face that tells it all. I NEED this gown!

Even Simon didn't try to talk me out of it. He talked me out of the MUCH less expensive gown I tried on after. This is a real BRIDAL gown, he told me. He was right!

So that's it. I slept on it, they held it for me, and I placed the deposit on Monday. She gave me 20% off as it's a sample and last year's style. It's everything I said I wouldn't get. It's a real designer wedding gown from a real bridal salon. Now if only I hadn't been SO STUBBORN about being different, I may have gotten it ages ago. But...lesson learned! See the whole album of pics of the dress here.

Our day continued with a trip to Barmakian Jewelers in the afternoon. I was just curious to look at some rings, no rush to make a decision on one yet. I wasn't looking for diamonds; I have enough of those on my engagement ring. However, with the style of my ring, the saleswoman suggested either a completely plain band, or a simple diamond one. An engraved band wouldn't work with my ring. The plain bands were, well...plain. Too plain. So I gave in to looking at diamond ones. This one was totally gorgeous:

The diamonds don't go all the way around, just the length of the diamonds on my engagement ring. It wasn't prohibitively expensive, and I really do love those rings together. So that will most likely be my wedding ring! What a productive day!

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