Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh my...that's a lotta wedding stationery...

Last Thursday night, I sat down to this monstrous pile of stationery:

I had invitations, their envelopes, RSVP cards, their envelopes, museum tickets, inserts explaining the museum tickets, their envelopes, return address labels, guest address labels, and stickers to seal the back of the whole thing. Whew!

It took a little while just to get myself organized, then I went at it. It took me that evening and part of the next day, but I got them all together:

All neat and pretty. I mailed them out Tuesday, July 6, so they'll arrive just about 3 months before the wedding. I know I'm pretty early, but I have so many out of state guests that I want to give them plenty of time.

My aunt asked me the other day what I want to do about my shower. I decided on a co-ed wedding shower, rather than an all-girls bridal shower. I always thought that was a bit silly, to leave the groom out. It's his wedding too! So we started debating dates, but then I remembered Simon's mom is having her other hip replaced in August. She has to be there! So I called her and found out it's August 16. To make things more complicated, Simon's dad works in PA for 2 weeks, then works from home in CT for 2 weeks, so we need to try and do it while he's home. We need to call him and confirm, but it looks like the only weekend we can do it is August 14-15. We're just going to do a simple BBQ at someone's house. My aunt is taking care of all the details, which is a relief (and a bit obvious, as we can't throw it ourselves!). I just emailed her a list of names and addresses. And the best part is, that's right before our 3 year anniversary, August 18! The last “dating” anniversary we'll celebrate. How time flies!

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