Thursday, July 22, 2010

Which bridal bouquet do you like better?

I worked long and hard on my bouquets recently.  Ran out of ribbon and had to buy more.  Each bouquet took about 3 yards of ribbon to wrap the stems!  So here are the three bridesmaid bouquets:

The yellow one is Beth’s, the orange one is Allie’s, and the red one is my sister Katy’s, as maid of honor.  I put the white rose in the middle of hers to make it more distinct.  So I can’t decide whether to have a little burst of those colors in the middle of my bouquet:

…or keep it all traditional bridal white:


Simon and I are casual people.  I enjoy the occasional fancy get-together, but in general we’re very laid-back.  I knew when my aunt asked me about my shower that I wanted it to be co-ed, as it’s Simon’s wedding too!  And with guys there, you don’t want anything too frilly, so I requested a BBQ.  I received the official invitation recently, and it’s super sweet.  So of course I needed a new dress, even though it’s casual, because that’s me!  ;)  I went shopping at Kohl’s with a cute pair of new shoes to match it to: aqua wedge espadrilles.  I ended up with this adorable number:

It’s far trendier than my usual style, so it was something fun and different.  It was $60, marked down to $45, then I had a $10 coupon.  Woot!  I love it.  I even bought Spanx and a bandeau bra to go under it so it looks even better, lol.

In other news, I’m officially down 30 lbs. total, woo hoo!  Hoping for another 10 by the wedding.  My first gown fitting is Thursday, so pretty much while you’re reading this blog.  I can’t wait!  I miss my gown!

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