Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking my FMIL shopping!

Saturday was pretty awesome. I took Simon's mom to the mall for her birthday present: her mother of the groom dress! We started out at Macy's and she tried on a couple that I liked (she totally left it up to me!) but had sort of busy prints. Then we hit Nordstrom on my aunt's suggestion, but their Women's section (size 14+) was minimal and had only one outfit that was almost what we were looking for (neutrals). Fail. I decided to give Sears a shot next, and I'm glad I did.

We found FIVE appropriate dresses there and she tried them on. One was particularly flattering and comfy and was even the right length (she's almost as short as me). It's a sleeveless dress and short-sleeved jacket in cream with satin trim. My dress is white so I'm not worried her outfit is too “bridal,” It's a deep ivory, almost yellow. The price tag said $100, which was fine, but I knew we had been digging around the clearance section. I was still shocked when it rang up for only $30! Sweet!

On Sunday, Simon and I went out to do some errands. We knew we had to look at tuxes ASAP, so I called them and asked if we needed an appointment and they said no. We swung over to Men's Wearhouse. We had originally planned on getting the deal where if you rent 5 tuxes, the groom's is free (to keep!), but since I already have ties and don't want vests, we wouldn't be renting a full outfit and therefore wouldn't qualify. It's $22 less to have no tie or vest rental, so we figured we'd save the money. We were going to rent them for our dads to reach the minimum number, but without the deal, it was easier to just get Simon's and the groomsmen's. The dads can just wear suits they own.

We had been looking to get a more suit-like tux, but the standard rentals were, well...standard tuxes. Since the gown I chose is far fancier than I had originally planned on, we figured regular tuxes are fine. So we chose the Calvin Klein 2-button, which is a nice light-weight fabric, important to Simon.

This will be Simon's tie:

This will be the groomsmen's tie:

The example photo looks like a similar tux, so it gives a pretty good idea of what it will look like. I also ordered matching pocket squares from Dessy, where I bought the ties from, since it looks good on a tux. Dessy makes the bridesmaids dress we bought, so the men's and women's colors will match perfectly. SO glad to check tuxes off my list!

I started playing around on VistaPrint and decided I wanted posters to go on the guest and photo tables. I was going to make something, but these look so nice and tie in the leaf logo I've been using on everything.

This one would go on the table at the entrance to the reception, to encourage people to write us a message and take a favor:

This one would go on the table with the Fuji Instax camera I bought:

What do you think? Does the wording work on each? They're 11”x17”, and I'll mount them to foam board then prop them up on the pretty silver easels I bought that turned out too big for my photo canvases. Glad I found a purpose for them!

Wow, is time flying. I can't believe it's in less than 3 months!!!

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