Thursday, June 3, 2010

YES! Bridesmaids' dresses shipped!

Finally!  I love House of Brides prices, but damn do they take long to ship.  I think I bought them back in March?  Yup, March 26.  So anyways, in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the bridesmaid dress:

I’ve never seen it in person in that color combo (since there are pretty much hundreds of possible combos!) so I am falling over myself in excitement to see the final product.  The girls tried it on in a godawful mint green color.

I can't decide, I think the sparkly edge may be too much with my jewelry. Don't want to overdo it, not a formal wedding. =/

One thing I thought I had decided on was the veil, and of course I’m changing my mind again.  The one I originally liked has small crystals on the edging, and now I think it’s a bit much.  I’ll only be wearing it for the ceremony, so the extra cost is kind of silly, and I really have lots of sparkle in my jewelry already and don’t want to overdo it.  So my next choice is this one:

Nice and simple, just what I like!

Rings!!!  I can’t wait to order rings.  I asked Simon to finalize his choice so we can possibly coordinate mine with his, though that’s unlikely as his is tungsten and mine will be platinum like my engagement ring.  So he picked out this one:

…which will go nicely with his engagement ring:

I really have no idea what I want.  I think I’ll be getting something without diamonds as my engagement ring has FIVE of them already, and I’m trying to cut costs a little.  I’m already wearing far more bling than I ever thought I would, so a simple platinum band will be fine with me.  I sort of like the vine design of this one:

…but a plainer one would be fine too.  We’re going to check some out at the jeweler where we got my engagement ring, Barmakian in Nashua, NH.
They were very helpful and I want to try a few on with my current ring to make sure they go together well.  Last time I tried some with diamonds and they just didn’t rest well together.  Something with a curve in the middle to sort of flow around my center stone would be nice!

Any ring style suggestions for me?

So, it’s been a busy week!  And just 127 days to go!

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