Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding cake Tweet

@CelestialAxis - Wedding cake we want! #weddingGorgeous! So I can't wait to set up a meeting with them, but like with all things, it has to wait until a little closer to the wedding.

We were looking at flavors and we love the idea of different flavors for different tiers so we can have some variety. We also are going to have a dessert table so we don't need as big of a cake. Simon loves Boston Creme Pie cake, so that will be one layer. French Vanilla for another, and maybe Cappuccino for the third? We'll see.

Our overall reception is going to be hors d’oeuvres only, with one hour of passed tray appetizers, two hours of food stations, then a dessert table, accompanied by three hours of beer and wine. Catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering!

Backing up, I'm all out of order. Simon and I decided on having the wedding at the Museum of Science in Boston. We booked the d'Arbeloff suite for the ceremony and the Skyline room for the reception. They contract with Wolfgang Puck exclusively, so we had no choice there, but they seem great. They don't do cakes, so at least we can pick out anyone we want and not pay a cake-cutting fee! ;)

I've got the menu all picked out, of course, since I'm planning everything far too early. I can't wait to do tastings, but that's many months away. We went to a brunch catered by Wolfgang Puck at the museum last month and it was delicious. Waitstaff was great too, I think we're going to have a great reception with them!

So here are the rooms:

Skyline Room

d'Arbeloff Suite

And catering info:

Wolfgang Puck

Super excited to decorate this place. It is a bit plain, so I'm going to have to get creative!

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