Friday, July 31, 2009

The surprise was a success...I proposed to my fiancé

On Monday, July 27, I did what many etiquette mavens would frown upon.

I proposed to my fiancé.

Now, this is a little different, of course. He proposed to me first (May 7, 2009), so I pretty much knew what his answer was going to be. He had made a comment when we picked out my ring that “It’s too bad guys don’t get a diamond ring, too.” He was half-joking, but I know him well enough to hear the grain of honesty in that comment. He’s been wearing an inexpensive titanium promise ring I purchased him for Christmas 2008, so I know he’s not against wearing one.

This was after he bought me a ring (“Promise ring?” he joked. “I don’t remember making any promises!”) for my birthday in November 2008, so I knew it was serious.

I searched for months for the perfect engagement ring for him (pretty much since we bought mine). We had decided on tungsten wedding bands as they don’t scratch (his titanium ring is already scratched up quite a bit). I bugged him to pick a style of wedding band, even though the wedding is a year and a half away. I wanted to make sure his engagement ring coordinated with what he chose, but I couldn’t tell him that! I got him sized for a ring and we narrowed down our wedding band choice. Secretly, I plotted and planned, trying to find a diamond ring that was masculine, yet not too “wedding band” like. One that had a significant carat weight without being exorbitantly expensive (he’d be paranoid with an expensive ring). One from a merchant with a good BBB rating. And of course, one I could buy online, because that’s how I do things.

I finally found one at Ethan Lord Jewelers. They had a good reputation and a ring I loved at a reasonable price. I placed the order and called customer service to ensure they got the ring size I entered in the comments as there was nowhere else to choose the size. The woman was very pleasant and helpful. I received a call a few days later from a gentleman at Ethan Lord who informed the ring was on backorder, but that he would keep me updated and overnight the ring as soon as it came in (this was with free shipping to boot). A couple of weeks later I received an email that the ring was shipping out Monday, and sure thing, I received it on Wednesday, July 22. It was beautiful. It was exquisite. And there was no way I was going to be able to wait till our anniversary on August 18 to give it to him.

After we moved into our new home last week, I knew I wanted to do it soon. I wanted to propose in the kitchen of our new house, just like he did for me in our old house. So Monday night, when he got home from work, the kitchen was sparkling, dinner was ready, and I proposed to the love of my life.

He said yes!

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