Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First married Christmas

Although it was our fourth Christmas together, this year of course marked our first Christmas as husband and wife.

And it was PERFECT!

We kicked the season off with our now-annual trip to Kennebunkport, ME for the Christmas Prelude.  I dressed up very festively:

We bought a souvenir ornament:

...plus chocolate wine, white wine, eggnog, and Simon sneakily bought me some stocking stuffers.  We ate and drank at an amazing ice bar:

...and then sat by a roaring fire under wool blankets:

It was an amazing day.  I also did karaoke and somehow got quite the fan club.  ;)

Since we'd be visiting family all day on Christmas, we decided to treat Christmas Eve day like our Christmas. Simon had the day off, so we woke up around 10, opened presents:

...and had a big brunch of French toast casserole and bacon:

Our tree was lovely as always:

...with a new wedding ornament:

...and plenty of our favorite geeky ones:

Then on Christmas day, we headed first to Simon's parents' house in CT, where they spoiled us rotten, as usual.  ;)

Then after dinner with them, we drove back to MA to go to my aunt's house in Scituate.  All the little ones were there, and most of the adults.  We enjoyed gifts and dessert with them:

All in all, it was an AMAZING day!  Happy Holidays!

Simon and Sarah


  1. I am so glad that your continuing to blog after the wedding blog! I LOVED reading your posts and am happy to continue to follow. You looked Beautiful on your wedding day by the way. And those Purple socks Simon got you for Christmas? FUN FUN FUN!!! :-) Happy New Year to you both! I look forward to may more updates as you continue as man and wife! Kym

  2. Thank you so much! I'm very excited to blog our newlywed years. :) And yes those socks are EPIC, I love them!