Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bachelorette party!

Well, my bachelorette party was pretty darn awesome.  Props to my sis/MoH Katy and everyone else who helped!  The night started with a stretch limo showing up at my house.  My sis had filled it with balloons, beaded necklaces, booze, and candy.  Win!  First stop was the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Nom!

After that we hit karaoke.  I sang “The Rose” by Bette Midler, one of my faves.  It was a great crowd, mainly older people, which is much more my speed.  I’m not the clubbing type and fit in better with older people.  I hate crowds and noise.

Overall I only had about three drinks and came home barely buzzed at 12:30 am.  A bit different from Simon’s drunken party!  ;)  At least I wasn’t sick like him.  I much preferred my low-key night.

It’s getting down to the wire!  Final week!  I still feel like there’s so much to do.  I finally finished the scrapbook I’m displaying at the reception:

It basically chronicles our relationship from first meeting to wedding planning.

I got in touch with my rehearsal dinner caterer, Smokey’s BBQ.  We’re having pulled pork, BBQ chicken, Portobello mushrooms with tomatoes, Waldorf salad, potato salad, cornbread, cookies, and brownies.  It will be delivered to our house with chafing dishes and paper ware, only $24/person for 25 people.  Not bad!  I also bought personalized s’mores for rehearsal dinner favors, and I may bake a couple more apple pies with all the damn apples I have.

Picked up my wedding gown, which is obviously key.  And finally, finished printing and assembling my 22-page wedding instruction manual.  Six copies of it.

Basically it includes the schedule of the day, photos and instructions on how to set up all the décor, and cell phone numbers for the vendors, family, and wedding party.  My cousin’s wife is my go-to woman while I’m getting ready and taking pics, so no one has to bother me.  There will be multiple copies of that manual in circulation.  Everything SHOULD go smoothly.  *fingers crossed*

So that’s it folks!  By the time this is posted, my wedding will be two days away.  This is the last time you’ll hear from me before my wedding.  The day of, my friends and I will be tweeting from my account, @CelestialAxis.  Other than that, look for a quick re-cap next week and a full re-cap with photos a couple of weeks after the honeymoon!  Wish us luck!!!

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