Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holy crap…I’m married!

So sorry for the delay, good readers.  Our honeymoon was Tuesday to Tuesday after the wedding, and as my blog-writing day is Tuesday, I’m a little behind.  I’ve been dying to share all the details with you, so here we go!

I started my wedding day by waking up an hour before my alarm.  I couldn’t get back to sleep, WAY too excited, so I got up and started my day.  Showered, dressed, ate a light breakfast, etc.  Synced the iPod with reception music…and ran out of stuff to do.  I literally sat on my butt for an hour before makeup and photography arrived.  Who has time to kill on their wedding morning???  Crazy people like me apparently. Got my makeup done, my cousin arrived and we packed up his truck with all our décor and stuff, then the town car arrived to take us to the museum.  We were on the road just after 11 am.

Well, we were supposed to arrive at the museum at noon, which was when they would start letting us set up, but of course we got there at like 11:20.  Oops.  Luckily they let us in a little after 11:30.  We started setting everything up, our team of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and assorted family.  Then it was time for Simon and me to get dressed for portraits.  My aunt assisted me, and it literally took upwards of half an hour to get me in my gown.  Corset back, multiple layers, the works.  Then I’m like, where’s Simon? Setting up the ceremony room, of course.  Finally got him into his tux, and by now we’re actually starting to run late.

We proceed to prance around the museum with our photographer, taking pics with huge audiences of museum-goers.  Especially funny were the kids, as I heard more than one little girl whisper, “Mommy…she’s so PRETTY!”  Melted my heart!  Then back up to the reception room for group photos.  I had given the photog a list, and she called off names.  Of course no one was paying attention and I finally let my Bridezilla side show by barking names and demanding they come have their picture taken NOW.  Hey, we were running late!  ;)

Pictures wrap up, set-up wraps up, and once again I have nothing to do but wait.  Not running late anymore!  Finally, it was time to go to the ceremony room!  The coordinator led us through the museum in our finery, which was as hilarious as it sounds.  We lined up in the hallway, and the music began. My uncle and I waited our turn at the back.  Then, the music changed to the Bridal March…it was time!  We walked slowly down the aisle towards Simon…only I didn’t walk all that slowly, and the aisle was VERY short.  I arrived at the end, kissed my uncle, turned towards Simon…and waited.  And waited.  The pianist tried desperately to wrap up the song without ending it abruptly, but I literally stood there, trying not to laugh, for at least a full minute.  Oops!

The ceremony proceeded, my cousin doing an AMAZING job officiating, just as I knew she would.  I arranged the whole ceremony, but we didn’t write any complicated vows; Simon is pretty shy, so I just had Darcy read them and we said “I do.” It’s amazing what those words can do to a woman.  I started tearing up as he said it.  By the time we got to “With this ring, I thee wed,” I almost lost it, especially when someone in the audience noticed me trying to keep my composure and let out a soft, “Awwwww.”  But I kept myself in check, somehow, and suddenly I was gleefully kissing my husband!

The reception was a blur.  We ate…some.  We drank a little. The best man and maid of honor speeches were AMAZING.  I almost cried during my sister’s.  I changed into my reception dress after only an hour and a half; the beading was chafing my arms something fierce.  The cake was TO DIE FOR.

I had a hilarious Twitter convo with Simon’s boss during the reception:
ginavanderloop - @CelestialAxis are you tweeting at your wedding?
@CelestialAxis - @ginavanderloop I have to, I'm a @TweetMyWedding bride. Obligated. :)
ginavanderloop - @CelestialAxis hahaha. That's very nerdy. I love it. What about the honeymoon? Will u tweet then?

It was a perfect day.  Sure, things went wrong.  I wasn’t wearing any lipstick most of the day.  The mothers never got their corsages somehow.  During the parents’ declaration of support, they all said “We do” like they were supposed to…except Simon’s dad, who said “Yes.”  I walked down the aisle too fast and had a nice awkward time waiting for the music to end.  But in the end, of course, like everyone says, none of that mattered.  In the end, I married the love of my life.  60 of our closest family and friends were there to support us. Everyone had a good time, and many beautiful pictures were taken.  It was PERFECT.  Next week, I’ll bring you my honeymoon re-cap and pics.  Stay tuned!

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