Sunday, January 23, 2011

The vacation that almost totally sucked but then didn't really.

Yeah.  The title tells you a lot.  I'm still pretty sick, which has delayed this post, but I'm gonna try my darndest here.

On January 14, Simon's birthday, we departed for Florida.  Our plan was 2 days in Miami for my friend Becca and her hubby Steve's wedding reception, drive up to Orlando, and go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The night before we left, Simon was running a fever.  He woke up Friday absolutely miserable, but we went anyways.  It was an expensive trip!  We made it to Miami, settled into the hotel (Candlewood Suites), then joined Becca, Steve, and their friends Jen and Diana for a joint b-day meal for Simon (35) and Steve (40).

It was so great to finally meet my Twitter bestie Becca in real life!  We had a blast.  The next day, Saturday, was their party, but not till 6 pm, so Simon rested up.  He slept 12 hours that night and napped another 4.5 that day.  He was WIPED.  Poor honey.  :(  He had chills and a bad cough.  We made it to the party, and he tried to keep his distance from the happy couple, lest he infect them.  It was a gorgeous, cool night.  Despite his sickness we had a great time.

The next afternoon, Sunday, we met up at Becca's aunt's house for brunch before we headed to Orlando.  Simon was feeling a little better, but I had started coughing a little.  I felt fine, but tired.  Oh and her house and yard were AMAZING.

I rested all the way to Orlando, a four-hour drive.  We checked into our gorgeous, under-priced hotel (Monumental Hotel), then went out for dinner.  While waiting to be seated, I heard someone talk about rain the next day.  Our Wizarding World of Harry Potter day.  The ONLY day we could go.  I checked the forecast and it looked BAD.  I was horrified.

We woke up Monday morning to a thunderstorm.  My flu was worse than ever, and it rained ALL day.  I was distraught.  Finally I discovered the Universal Studios tickets have no expiration, so we decided we'd try to come back someday.  A Twitter friend told us that Otronicon, a video game expo, was going on in Orlando, so we headed to that to entertain ourselves.

While we were there, we got a message from Delta that the second leg of our flight home the next day was cancelled due to impending wintry weather.  Instead, they had booked us on a nonstop flight out.  We checked the details back at the hotel, and found seating would be assigned at the gate.  That usually means we get split up, so that was NOT good.  We went on the website.  Since they had re-assigned our flight, we had the option to choose another flight that worked better for us, for no extra fee.  Well, we did.  For WEDNESDAY instead of Tuesday.  Giving us Tuesday to go to Universal!!!

So that was how the universe made our day.  New England weather sucked, but in OUR favor for once!  So on Tuesday, we headed to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure to visit Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.  It.  Was.  EPIC.

It was just amazing.  We spent 6 hours there.  I was exhausted but oh so happy!

Wednesday morning we headed home on a nonstop flight.  We left 70 degrees and sunny and came home to 35 degrees and freezing rain.  Sigh.

I've been coughing ever since.  My asthma took hold of the flu cough and won't let go.  I'm pretty miserable.  But it was such an amazing trip!


  1. I'm so glad that the crappy weather worked out and y'all actually made it to Harry Potter land. We still need to go! Also also.. YAY! WE FINALLY MET!! <3<3<3