Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wedding Dress Dilemma

I'm ordering my wedding gown in just under 2 months. And I STILL can't decide!

Background: I've been to David's Bridal twice. I hate shopping in stores, I hate trying things on, and I hate the pressure of bridal salons. I don't want a cookie-cutter dress. I am done with stores. I WILL be buying my gown from one of the two below merchants, so don't try to talk me out of it. =)

It's down to two. I keep going back and forth. The second one is NOT going to look like the picture. Please read the whole description.

Dress #1:


- I know exactly what this dress will look like from the picture. No changes will be made.
- It is $100 cheaper than my other choice.
- It can be made to my exact measurements.
- The lace used in this looks ethereal.
- It's got great reviews.
- I've never purchased from this company before and don't know if I can trust them.
- I sort of want a corset back on my dress, but it's possible a seamstress could add that.
- It has a small train, which I'm not 100% sure if I want, but I do like the that it's traditional.

Dress #2:


CHANGES: I would be ordering this in white, with a corset back, with no sash, and neckline would be sweetheart.

- I have purchased from this company before, and a friend bought her wedding dress from them. I know and trust them.
- I can have the dress designed exactly how I want, with any changes I want. Also made to my exact measurements.
- The lace design is very classic.
- It has no train, which is easier to walk in.

- It's $100 more.
- I won't be able to see the finished product until I receive it.
- The reviews are mixed.

Now here's my dilemma. First of all, which one to get? But also, should I buy both to compare in person, and try to re-sell the one I don't want on eBay? I already own 2 wedding dresses I bought on eBay and changed my mind about. I have to re-sell those too. I could open my own gown shop at this point, lol.

There is obviously no returns, they are custom-made. But they are obviously not very pricey (both are made in China) and I could probably get $200 back for them on eBay. It's a risk, but not a huge one. I do feel frivolous potentially owning FOUR wedding gowns at some point.

So what do you all think? Which do you like better?


  1. Dress #2 - I like the look of it better, plus you can get it customized to what you want and to your exact sizing instructions. Another plus is that you have worked with this retailer before, so few surprises.

  2. dress 2, there might be mixed reviews but you know someone who worked with them and didn't have a problem. trains just get dirty and in the way, even if they're bustled. i originally said no train, then i caved and guess what, it was dirty and in the way :) I also think the lace used on dress number two is a lot more elegant and nice looking.

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  4. Number 2! Number2! The first dress is way too typical and cheap-looking for my tastes, but the second one has a special flair. Also: I have a thing for bows. :)