Thursday, May 6, 2010

Check, check, and check. Just over 5 months till wedding. Things are moving along!

I was very productive at work on Monday.  Productive with wedding stuff, that is!  I finished designing my stationery on  The Museum of Science requires us to get their approval on any documents being sent with their name on it, so I had to run them by the venue coordinator.  She said they were perfect, so I also ran the program by the wedding party to make sure all the names were spelled right.  Lucky I did, because I spelled my cousin’s new last name wrong (she’s officiating).  Oops!

Here’s what everything looks like:

Invitations (front and back):

RSVP cards (front and back):

Programs (front and back):

I have a final count of 57 invitations, so I’m ordering 70 invites and RSVPs to be safe, and 100 programs.  That will total about $130, including envelopes and address labels.  Amazing!  Just waiting to hear back from two people to confirm their names, and I’ll be ordering them.

I also emailed my ceremony to my cousin, along with a link to the Universal Life Church website where she can become ordained.  I need to double check that it’s legal in Massachusetts.  Anyone know?  I also researched MA marriage laws and found the waiting period for marriage licenses, how long they’re good for, and when you need a doctor’s exam.  I didn’t think they still required that, but we each need a doctor’s exam within 30 days…of the wedding itself or applying for the license, I forget.  It seems very complicated.

One of my bridesmaids is impressed with my organization.  I told her it was because I’ve been engaged for almost a year (May 7!) but then she reminded me she was engaged for three years before her wedding.  Well, I guess when I’m passionate about something, I’m organized about it!

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