Thursday, April 29, 2010

My wedding is gonna be awesome cuz I'm gonna run around the Museum of Science in my gown while Lisa Rigby takes pics

I had kind of a meltdown on Monday.  I was convinced my wedding is gonna suck and look crappy and I’ll still be fat and my arms will still be gross.  Not a good day self-esteem wise.  I have my moments.  So on Tuesday morning, while driving to work, when I passed the Museum of Science as usual (and smiled as I always do cuz I’m getting married there!!!) I thought about how fun my pre-wedding photos are gonna be.

I’m letting Simon see me in my dress before the ceremony because I want pre-ceremony pics.  I don’t want to miss half my reception.  I wanna have fun at it!  So I plan on a run around the museum with fun photo ops at different exhibits.  Kinda like this one with the dinosaurs:

It’ll be so fun to walk around in my wedding gown through the crowds of people.  I love attention, I’ve spent a lot of time on stage, and I will have an absolute blast with this.  I think some of the best photos of the day will be from that hour and a half or so.

Lisa Rigby, our photographer, is also looking forward to the fun, as she mentions our venue as an upcoming wedding she’s excited to shoot!  And while I was wading through Google images trying to find some at my venue, I found a ton of gorgeous wedding pictures from the museum.  They were simple and elegant and looked perfect.  So will mine.

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