Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting really impatient to order the rest of my wedding stuff, but it's still 6 months away!

Suddenly my wedding is only half a year away, but I’m completely antsy to do more.  I’m mailing save-the-dates this week, so I can give our multitude of out-of-state guests plenty of time to plan.  I’ll also order the programs and invitations soon, now that they’re all designed and priced out.
We’re getting married six months from Friday!  OMG!!!
I need to buy all the décor and silk flowers, but that will take up a LOT of room in the house and really won’t take long to put together.  I think July will be the month I really buckle down, because that’s also when I’m ordering my dress.  Everything becomes a bit more real when you order your dress.  ;)
I’m down 20 lbs. already, just 30 more to go until my goal wedding weight.  I plan to reach my ultimate goal weight (total loss of 80 lbs.) by my cousin’s destination wedding in April 2011.  It seems like a long way away, but those last few pounds will be the hardest!  Who else here is losing weight for their wedding and beyond?
I really need to get on my STDs ASAP.  It will take a few nights of working on them after exercising and making dinner to get them ready to go on Friday.  Maybe I’ll aim for sending them Monday.  I am early, after all.
Still working on my rehearsal dinner.  I’m really worried about people finding parking in Boston on a Friday night.  I’d run a bus or something from the rehearsal site, but not everyone that’s invited to the dinner will be at the rehearsal.  I’m worried about making out of town guests take the MBTA.  Any suggestions or ideas?

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