Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm getting married 2 months from tomorrow.  I am officially freaking out.  I have no idea if I have a comprehensive list of what I have left to do.  I could be forgetting something.  Will I even be able to do it all in time?  FREAKING.  OUT.

Here's my list:

decorate the ceremony arch
tie up the favors
decorate my shoes
take pictures of everything how I want it set up
food tasting Aug. 26
makeup trial Sept. 1
rehearsal dinner favors
one more piece of music for the ceremony
meet with the venue coordinator to go over day-of details
finish paying everyone
ask Jen to be my wedding day go-to person
finalize menu for rehearsal dinner
make bathroom baskets
make hair, skin, and nail appointments
find someone to do wedding day hair
set up moms' wedding dresses and info cards
set up pictures and info cards
order Simon's wedding ring
wrap parent and bridal party gifts
buy each other gifts
make scrapbook to display at reception

What am I forgetting?  Can I even do this all in time?  I hate that I'm waiting on stuff before I can finish other stuff.  I need my card box and favor box from Creative Custom Card Boxes before I can take final pictures of my set-up for the coordinator to use.  I need pictures and wedding gowns from the moms which I won't get till our shower next weekend.  I'm meeting with my bridesmaid Beth this week to tie up the favors, cuz I will lose my mind doing 100 of them alone.  ;)  I can't ask the hairdresser to do my day-of hair until we see her at Simon's hair appointment Saturday.  I can't put my mind to rest about the day-of schedule until we meet with the coordinator Aug. 26.

Speaking of which, my old coordinator is leaving the museum and her manager is taking over my wedding.  2 months before.  I AM SO PISSED.  I also lost my catering coordinator a while back and got a replacement, but at least that was plenty ahead of time.  I am SO worried that this lady will be more used to managing people than weddings and it'll be a disaster.  Very very very unhappy about this.

So yeah.  Anyone wanna try and calm me down?  Be my guest.


  1. Be calm. We planned our whole wedding, start to finish, in 12 weeks, only 84 days. It was a big wedding, too, over 300 people. Plus, we had 11 children between the ages of 4 and 14 in our wedding party. It was quite the event.

    But really, try to relax a bit and enjoy this time. Even if every little thing doesn't get done, the day will still be amazing and you'll still be married, which is the important part.

  2. Honestly, that list is really not that bad at all. You can definitely get everything done! Take deep breaths and just work on crossing off one thing a day. You can do it! We're date twins so I know how you're feeling. It's so exciting though, isn't it?! :)