Friday, August 27, 2010

Maybe I should change my name somehow?

As you may have read in @msrib's blog the other day, we're having identity crises. We both currently have very unique names and are going to be marrying into very common ones. I'll take the risk and post my name here because I really want some feedback.

My current name is Sarah Ann Proto. Common first and middle, rare last name. (Also, my initials suck. Seriously Mom?) When I take Simon's last name, I will be Sarah Ann Nelson. Not only are there a gajillion Sarah Nelsons (one in the race I ran Friday, I went to school with one and am still friends with her on Facebook, etc.), but there are other Sarah Ann Nelsons! The Sarah Nelson I knew in high school (middle initial K), her sister-in-law is Sarah Ann Nelson! Luckily she lives in Germany, lol. But seriously. My name will be SO common.

I do not want to keep Proto in any way, as cool as the name is. It's my dad's last name, and I hate my dad. (Long story.) I also don't want to get rid of my middle name, because that's what my beloved late mother named me. So what to do? Hyphenate my first and middle and choose a new middle? Sarah-Ann Louise (my mom's name)?

I really think I'm probably just going to leave it Sarah Ann Nelson. Messing with your name can be iffy. My nickname, though rarely used, is Sari, so maybe I'll go by Sari Nelson professionally. Sound good?

After seeing a pic of Twitter friend @PhysicistLisa's husband @theryanburke wearing ablue 8-bit tie for their wedding, Simon just had to have one. He knew I'd been debating changing into a more comfortable gown halfway through the reception, so he wants to change his tie to that, in red, when I change.

That got me thinking it might be fun to geek up my own ensemble and let loose as our true selves for the last couple hours, so I snatched these up on @Etsy:

Good to go!

1 day past RSVP deadline, 51 accepting and 32 declining. Most missing RSVPs will be declines. Waiting on 12 out of 57 RSVPs.

My RSVP deadline was Monday. Still got a lot of RSVPs that haven't been returned. Most of them are Simon's extended out-of-state family, whom he hardly knows, that his parents are now going to have to call. One of his dad's siblings is coming, so it's not out of the question that others might. We just need to freaking know! I gave them a month and a half window to send them back. The stamp is already on it. It would really be nice if people actually cared enough to send them back. Argh!

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