Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wedding food tasting!

Well, we finally got to do our food tasting, and we were both sick.  I was at least mostly recovered, but Simon was in the middle of the cold he caught from me and was downright miserable.  Unfortunately, all they served us was the antipasti bar food, not the passed hors d’ouevres or desserts, which I was more looking forward to, especially since I don’t like shrimp or olives, two of the things we were served.  What I did eat was delicious, and I have no doubt they will serve amazing food, as I’ve attended another museum event they’ve catered.

The best part about the tasting was meeting the new venue coordinator.  You may recall that my original one left the museum TWO MONTHS before my wedding and I freaked out. Her replacement is actually her manager, so she’s not new, but I was very nervous she’d be more used to managing people than weddings.  Well luckily I was dead wrong.  She is AMAZING.  I like her more than the other lady.  She’s bubbly, excited, outgoing, and just infectiously happy.  She asked all the right questions, and was very organized and helpful.  I feel 100% better now.

We also finalized little details like chair and linen colors.  I love how the venue and catering coordinators know and like each other and work hand-in-hand.  They’re just great.  Sheryl White Vincent and Keith Mahoney at the Museum of Science, I love you!

Finally!  I have my resized engagement ring, and both of our wedding rings.  See, after losing 30+ pounds, your ring tends to get a little loose.  ;)  I was without it for three days, but it’s perfect now.

Here are our wedding bands:

And here’s my engagement and wedding rings together (had to try them on!):

Yay!  Pretty!

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