Thursday, September 9, 2010

Okay, ordering my reception dress! In white, ankle length, dark brown sash.

I did it! I ordered a separate reception dress. We're going to change (Simon only his tie) about halfway through the reception. I'm not wasting my expensive gown on the ceremony alone. I want to show it off! But I will be more comfortable in something else. It's also the lace I wanted all along, so I get the best of both worlds.

This company,, is very good at customizing. They will make the dress floor length for me (tea length is SO not flattering on short and heavy), make it in white, and make the sash dark brown. I'm really looking forward to getting it; it only takes them about 3 weeks. Which is good, because I don't have much time!

I'm going crazy not being able to finish all my projects. I asked my aunt weeks ago for her wedding dress and picture, and only last week does she inform me she can't look in her old house for it because it's being rented. I just want everything to be DONE.

I almost had a disaster with my makeup woman; she's allergic to cats and we have THREE. In the end we agreed we'll do my trial at her house, and she'll brave my house the day of the wedding because the cats will be in another room.

This still leaves hair. I found my stylist on Facebook (I hate phone calls THAT much) and asked her if she does in-home wedding day hair. It turns out the salon does it after all, but she's booked that day and will ask if another stylist can. I wish I had just called the salon to begin with! Still haven't heard back from her about another stylist. Getting antsy.

So when you read this blog, I will be getting married in ONE MONTH. Yes, I am completely panicking at the amount I have left to do. Please, me.

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